Tom Hanks Project – “The Ladykillers” Review

14 Apr

ladykMovies like this are the reason I enjoy doing this “Tom Hanks Project” so much. We would have never put this odd little Coen Brothers film on if left to our own devices, and though it has its issues* and I enjoyed it more than Caitlin**, I found it to be a pleasant surprise. It still beats the days of us scrambling to find something to watch on Netflix. The day after we watched this, we settled on “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and couldn’t make it through 15 minutes. Anyway, I had no idea what to expect from “The Ladykillers” and after seeing it I’m still not totally sure, but I laughed a lot and had fun seeing a new side of Hanks.

*To say the least.

**To say even less. Continue reading

Tom Hanks Project – “Catch me if you Can” Review

7 Apr


After celebrating Tom Hanks Day last weekend with a Master Pancake mocking of “Forrest Gump” in theaters, we settled into the couch Sunday night for an Easter viewing of “Catch Me If You Can.” While Gump is my current favorite Hanks movie, after we finished watching, Caitlin claimed that even though Hanks is second billed, this may be her favorite in his catalog. It’s a great re-watch. Tom is directed by Spielberg for the first time since “Saving Private Ryan,” and plays second fiddle to a delightful Leo performance and a gem of a turn by Christopher Walken who got an Academy Award best supporting actor nomination for his work and won a SAG award. Helped by a score John Williams was Academy Award nominated for, this movie zips through it’s two hour and twenty minute run time. It’s slick, fun and endlessly clever from the word go. When this movie came out, I remember distinctly going, “OMG, my favorite things all together — Hanks! Leo! Spielberg!” It didn’t disappoint then, and it certainly doesn’t now.

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Tom Hanks Project – “Road to Perdition” Review

8 Mar

roadtoposterWe finally got through this one. We lost Caitlin at “Tom plays a hitman…” She brought out the eye mask and we settled in for a movie we actually enjoyed, despite it being another one I had to narrate large chunks of*. It’s a great story that kept us engaged and Hanks was great as always, bringing humanity to an assassin to the point that we had no qualms about rooting for him**. It’s a beautifully shot movie, earning a best cinematography Oscar and a best supporting actor nomination for Paul Newman in addition to three other sound and art nominations. The movie works, even if it feels predictable throughout.

*Honestly, this wasn’t TOO much of a necessity because I was pretty much guessing what was going to happen the whole way through. Also I read the MPAA ratings so I knew what all the gore/bloody bits would be.

**This is true. I honestly didn’t even think of NOT rooting for Hanks until Zack wrote that sentence. I would say this makes the real-life Hanks a dangerous fellow, because he could probably start murdering people and we’d still make excuses for him. Then again, he just starred in a Carly Rae Jepsen music video, so I’m not wringing my hands. And he even makes the video awesome!  Continue reading

A truly “super” friend-filled weekend

5 Feb

collagesuperZack’s dream weekend was a hard act to follow*, but luckily we booked last weekend with just as much laugh-a-minute goodness so that it really just felt like the party kept going. Between comedy, rock, and good old fashioned sports, we really experienced the most all-American** weekend you could hope for.

*It’s not every week Jack White and the Bulls come through Texas.

**I think all the acts we saw are American, so this checks out.

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Zack’s Dream weekend of Bulls & Jack White

30 Jan

bullsgameTwo nights of Jack White in Austin would have been enough to make a dream weekend for me. Getting to go on a road trip to Dallas with Caitlin was just spoiling me. My dear fiancé treated me to Bulls tickets as a Christmas present to go along with an awesome 90’s Bulls leather jacket. The dates fell just right so we could go to Dallas for Friday night’s Bulls game and get back for Saturday and Sunday Jack White shows. I was planning on running the 3M half marathon with Caitlin’s dad Sunday morning, but I’m still recovering from my broken foot, so the best we could do was go root Lance on as he ran the 13.1 miles in the cold by himself. It was a great, exhausting weekend and we weren’t even the ones running the half marathon. Continue reading

The 2014 Memory Jar

4 Jan


Last year, I noticed that Kate Gabrielle (the blogger behind Scathingly Brilliant) had done a really cool thing where she decorated a mason jar and collected little happy moments in it all year long by writing them down on scraps of paper. I asked Zack if he’d want to try doing our own last year, so we did, and the results were scattered* but very sweet. 

*I really enjoyed writing them, but we both kinda fizzled out after March. I hope we stick with it all year in 2015.

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2014 In Review

4 Jan


GIF from adafruit

As we look to our future in 2015, we thought it could be fun to do a little reflecting on 2014 to see where we’ve come from, and to help that inform where we’re going. Here are some questions I snagged from The Art of Simple with Zack and my answers below. We hope you enjoy, and that your new year brings you all of the love and happiness in your life that you could ever need.

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