Everyone In Love: Queen Bey and her H.O.V. Run Houston

21 Jul

Beyonce & JAY Z - On The Run Tour - Foxborough

The “On The Run” tour could not have been better. It would take the best male and female performers alive to deliver on our sky-high expectations and, thankfully, Jay & Bey are just the greatest. We knew the 40-deep parade of hit songs we were getting and it still managed to wow us and leave us with goofy “how amazing is this?” smiles at every turn. Try to list the highlights and you’ll find yourself listing almost the entire show. It was a night deserving of superlatives, even if it wasn’t even our most favorite concert we’ve seen in Minute Maid Park. That honor still belongs to Macca, but the show was just spectacular from beginning to end. We’re still glowing from our magical night in Houston. Continue reading

Walking Away From a Car Crash

20 Jul

crashThis feels weird to write about. I try to remember the details, but they’re hazy. This was the first serious car crash either of us has been in. The first time I’ve ever seen air bags go off. We got off lucky. A drunk driver runs a red light and crashes into you, you don’t expect to walk away completely unharmed. We were on our way to our first catering tasting, with East Side King, for the wedding. Caitlin had her planning book in her lap and was reading questions to me aloud. “Buffet or family style?” “Ethnic or comfort food?” “Dinner or appetizers or late night snacks?” And then the questions stopped.

Continue reading

Tom Hanks Project – “Toy Story 2″ Review

13 Jul

Toy_Story_2_PosterTwenty-six movies into the Tom Hanks Project and we’re finally at Hanks’ first sequel. It also has the distinction of being the first movie I fell asleep during. We had both seen Toy Story 2 about a decade ago, remembered it fondly, and were looking forward to it after enjoying the original so much a couple months ago. Well, this is an unpopular opinion, considering the movie has a perfect 100 on Rotten Tomatoes, but we didn’t care for Toy Story 2. It wasn’t bad per say*. There have certainly been worse sequels. But as fresh and new as Toy Story 1 felt, the first sequel is just more of the same with lower stakes and less laughs. We didn’t really dislike it until the credits**, but by that point I was actively booing and giving the screen the finger.

*I’d say it was. Woof.

**I dislike the cowgirl, Jessie. Not. a. fan. Continue reading

Tom Hanks Project – “You’ve Got Mail” Review

11 Jul

YGMposterIf you somehow have never seen You’ve Got Mail — we may need to reconsider our friendship*. But seriously, just watch it, OK?! It is delightful, it makes your heart swell, it is sweet. It is so. perfect. It has Parker Posey! And Dave Chappelle**! And typewriters!! AND NEW YORK AS A CHARACTER!!!!! It is about Meg Ryan, aka Kathleen Kelly, who owns a book shop that her mother ran when she was a little girl — a shop called “Shop Around the Corner” (#references), that is a children’s book store. Adorbs. Then in comes Joe Fox***, of Fox Books, a bookstore mogul who is supposed to be representative of Barnes & Noble, which is interesting given what has happened to Barnes & Noble in recent years because of Amazon.com and whatnot. Anyway. Technology. I just want to break in before the jump to say for the first of many times that this is just the most endlessly charming movie we’ve seen. I could watch it once a week forever. And we just may.

*We found out our friend Katie hasn’t seen it and pleaded with her to watch our Blu-Ray Saturday night. We have an extra copy and will insist you borrow it.

**And Steve Zahn! Not as great as his transcendent “That Thing You Do!” performance, but he’s damn funny. And Greg Kinnear! Is … also there!

***F-O-X.  Continue reading

Feeling Included at Danny & Nikki’s Wedding

7 Jul

coupleYour wedding should be about you. It should reflect your love, your passions and your life together while letting your personalities shine through. But if you do it right, your family and friends will feel included in your life and love. Danny and Nikki did it right. It was a pleasure to feel included in so many aspects of their wedding.

From Danny g-chatting me the day after he proposed last March through consulting on the mother-son song choice and the official hashtag for the wedding in the months leading up, we felt especially included in their union*. It was a lovely wedding that let Danny and Nikki’s love and personality shine through, and we felt lucky to truly be a part of it.

*This is especially not easy to do for the fiancé of your friend you don’t get to see that often anymore, but they definitely made me feel like they were happy to have me join in their celebration of their love, and I greatly appreciated that they made that effort, even though they were by no means expected to since, as Zack said, it was really their day. Continue reading

Bay Before (and After) the Wedding

2 Jul

oaklandLast weekend’s trip to the Bay was our third California vacation together*. On the first we spent almost the whole time at Coachella. On the second we drove down the coast from San Fran to LA to San Diego, marveling at the Pacific Coast highway. On this trip, we tried to keep the traveling to a minimum. Fly into SFO. Take a BART to Oakland, Drive to Mountain View. Drive to Palo Alto. It may sound like a lot, but after the 40 minute BART ride and 50 minute drive to Mountain View, nothing was more than a few miles away. Well, of course a wallet got lost (not ours) and we ended up traveling more than we’d hoped, but we got lucky with the radio, made the most of our road trips, and had some great moments all over the Bay Area. In this post we’ll look at the 10 most memorable moments of the trip before we got to the wedding**.

*This is sort of unbelievable to me, as I still feel like I haven’t really been in California at all. I’d say our coastline trip earlier in the year down the 1 was the most California-feeling of all three, and Coachella was the least. This put us somewhere right in the middle.

**And on our way home. Continue reading

Tom Hanks Project – Saving Private Ryan Review

17 Jun

saving_private_ryan-10055We’d been putting this one off for a while. Sure, we got engaged and went to New York since our last Hanks review, but even if it was a quiet weekend in Austin, the most violent Hanks movie of all was going to be a tough watch for Caitlin. “Saving Private Ryan” was the film she feared the most when we started this project*. I love this movie. I’ve seen it half a dozen times and thought it got robbed of best picture Oscar by “Shakespeare in Love.” I hoped Caitlin would be able to get past the admittedly enormous amount of violence and find a way to enjoy the film.  As one could have expected, she ended up watching the majority of the movie through a sleep mask as I narrated the action to her. Still, she not only found a non-Hanks favorite character, she cheered when Matt Damon first appeared**, and cried at the ending. That’s as good as we could have hoped for.

*Not that I’m looking forward to Road to Perdition, either.

**I feel the need to clarify here:  I did not cheer because I’m a Matt Damon fan. I cheered because I was so excited for our troupe’s journey to be close to its end…or so I thought. Continue reading


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