Rock Love Wedding Ring

25 Sep


ringzWe’ve already gotten into the venue and the proposal and the string quartet, but let’s go back to where it all began. The ring. This ring took quite a journey before I put it on Caitlin’s finger May 23rd. My dad bought the diamond from “my jewelry guy Frank Pollak on 47th st. in NYC” in 1984 for my mom and promised it to me when she passed away. My sister had been wearing it as a necklace the past couple years, ever since her wedding, but when the time came to propose, she sent diamond along to our old family friend to get it appraised before Caitlin and I could find the perfect setting for it. Continue reading

Double Date at Oddball Fest 2014

22 Sep

oddball2014In a night full of big laughs from some of the best comedians in the world, some of the biggest laughs came from a seemingly unspoken bet among the comedians to see who could get the ASL performer to sign the most obscene phrase. What’s the sign for “squirting?” (the one thing Whitney Cummings won’t do.) How does the sign for “Cumming” differ from “Cooming” (a phrase Louis C.K. supposedly says to freak women out.) And how do you even begin to sign for “Vaginer,” the word Louis CK thinks sounds better and more actionable than the proper word. I apologize, what’s the sign for “I’m getting ahead of myself.”

After we adored last year’s inaugural Oddball Comedy Festival, there was no question we’d be back for this year’s fest, especially once we saw last year’s favorite Hannibal Buress and the rest of the stacked line-up. We brought a couple of oddballs dear friends along with us. It was especially fitting to take Madison and Katie, since I met the couple at Moontower Comedy fest earlier this year, and we’d seen both Marc Maron and host Brody Stevens there together as well. Last year, Austin was treated to the first night of Oddball on a Friday night, which gave it a fresh, kinetic vibe. This year we got the final night of the tour, on a Sunday, which made for more of a subdued, honed-in, victory lap of a show*, but a joyous one at that. Let’s get into it.

*There was definitely not enough drinking happening in the audience, making for a sleepier Sunday set. Continue reading

Tom Hanks Project – Best & Worst of the ’90s

18 Sep

tom hanks 90sNot only is this the best decade of Tom Hanks’ career*, it’s one of the all-time greatest stretches by any actor in film history**. Two back to back Academy Awards (Philadelphia and Forrest Gump), one more nomination (Saving Private Ryan) and starring in two more best picture nominees (The Green Mile and Apollo 13). But it wasn’t just his Academy Award roles that made him so wonderful this decade. He gave us the entire Meg Ryan trilogy, highlighted by “You’ve Got Mail” and “Sleepless in Seattle” and to a*** lesser extent, “Joe Vs. The Volcano.” We got two Toy Story movies, one perfect, one we didn’t care for. Hanks was at his funniest since “Bosom Buddies” in “A League of Their Own” and the extended cut of his first writing/directing project, “That Thing You Do!” is pure joy. Aside from the disaster that is “Bonfire of the Vanities****,” and our personal dislike of the otherwise beloved “Toy Story 2,”  it was a spectacular run for Tommy. Let’s get into the highlights, the few low lights and tally up our numbers from the golden age of Hanks.

*Bold statement! I can’t decide if I agree yet — I guess we’ll have to revisit this after we get through the 00’s.

**Somehow I feel more comfortable signing on to this sentiment.


****I don’t remember what this is. Did we watch it?*****

*****Just Google Image searched it and very, very vaguely remember it. Yikes. Continue reading

Tom Hanks Project – “Bosom Buddies”

8 Sep


We didn’t expect this show to be nearly this good. To be fair, it started a little slow, but once we got to the second disc of the first season, we were singing along to the theme song*, reveling in the catch phrases and falling in love with every character. Hanks is as funny as ever, as both Kip and Buffy, Peter Scolari was solid as his partner, and we couldn’t get enough of their boss Ruth**, the Scolari-adoring Amy and “Sunny, Sunny, Sunny, Sunny.”  We flew through the two seasons and we genuinely missed watching it in the month since we finished. There was the occasional dud, but 3/4 of the episodes were just a joy to watch***.

*Seriously. Every time. I quoted it all to a co-worker recently. It’s my new party trick.

**RUUUUUTH! SO many fist-pumping-the-air moments with Ruth.

***Season one is best. Just watch the first two episodes of season two and you’re probably good. No way! Season two continues to be awesome.  Continue reading

Rock Love Wedding: Getting a String Quartet to Play Sigur Rós

7 Sep

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 8.45.15 AM

I thought this would be one of the hardest aspects of booking our wedding*. Where do you find a string quartet in Austin? Is it reasonable to expect them to be able to play Sigur Rós? I thought we’d have to try to convince some UT orchestra kids. I underestimated the live music capital of the world. Caitlin found Terra Vista Strings almost instantly** and not only were they available on our wedding date, they got back to us immediately and already knew one of our songs! And they’ll even learn the other one for free, but we’ll need your help with that…

*Me too, 100%. It was so niche (we thought)! We didn’t even know where to start!

**Seriously! I just searched “string quartets Austin” to see what kind of luck I’d have, checked out their song list, and ba-da-bing! Continue reading

Tom Hanks Project – “The Green Mile” Review

3 Sep

the-green-mile-movie-poster-1999-1020209835While “Saving Private Ryan” may be the most difficult watch in Hanks’ catalog for sensitive viewers due to violence, “The Green Mile” may be the most emotionally draining. We watch beloved character after beloved character get executed, not to mention the traumatizing “death” of a mouse (Caitlin’s least favorite part.) It took us a month and a half to get through the three-plus hour epic, but I’m glad we finally did*. It’s a spectacular film with wonderful performances that left us feeling totally spent afterwards**. I was surprised to see it didn’t earn Hanks his fifth best actor nomination, even though the film got four nods including best picture and supporting actor for Michael Clark Duncan. It’s some of his finest work and he disappeared in the character brilliantly.


**I was useless. I had so many things I needed to do, and did none of them. It’s not quite Requiem for a Dream-I-can’t-ever-watch-movies-again depressing, but it’s SO emotional.
Continue reading

Rock Love Oregon

29 Aug

us being cuteCaitlin and I recently made a list of cities we needed to visit. Seattle was really high up there. I still need to take us to Bloomington one fall and we should see more of the East Coast together. But #1 on our list was Austin’s sister city of Portland. When we found out that my cousin Amy was getting married in Medford, Oregon, just a few hours away from Portland, and my cousin and aunt would be extending their trip an extra day, we decided to make it a long weekend and explore Oregon together. In the spirit of it being a Teibloom family trip, here’s the Blow By Blow (BBB) of our four five day Pacific Northwest trip. Continue reading


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