Tom Hanks Project – The Da Vinci Code Review

23 Aug


This movie is entertaining enough. Hanks submits a pretty average performance (for him), but is helped by a solid turn by Audrey Tautou* (Amelie) and a scene stealing Ian McKellan (Gandolf). Based on the massively popular novel of the same name, The Da Vinci Code was called out for being low brow and making a lot of super obvious art references that make dumb people feel smart**. It’s hard to argue against that, though even though I’d seen the movie in theaters when it came out, it still kept me guessing and interested until the end.

*My girl!!! Amelie was my favorite movie for years and years. When this movie first came out and I discovered the cast list, my hopes rose very high — two of my favorites together?? Seemed like a recipe for perfection.

**I think this is an awfully exclusive point of view. I only took one art class in the entirety of college, and it was in the context of how film was influenced by art. It made me appreciate the works more when I went to museums afterward, so I think if a movie can accomplish a similar appreciation, that’s not a bad thing. Continue reading

Tom Hanks Project – “The Polar Express” Review

26 Jul

the-polar-express-movie-poster-2004-1020193993This may be one of my more conflicted Tom Hanks Project reviews, friends. The problem is — before this latest viewing of Robert Zemeckis*’ The Polar Express, this was a film that I told myself I loved. I first watched it** with my family back when it came out in 2004, because the story of The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg was a family favorite and held with it special Christmas magic. I watched it again in 3D with my dad and brother years later, and all of the excitement of the film and pleasure it brought my dad was what I remembered of it. So I felt pretty confident*** in sharing it with Zack.

*The guy directed Forrest Gump, Cast Away and the Back to the Future movies. Then this.

**This was my first viewing. And last. 

***I think at some point you were confident, but the day before we watched, I said “So…I’ve seen that dancing hot chocolate scene and that was terrible. Am I gonna like this at all?” and you said “Oh, you’re going to hate it.” Correct.

Continue reading

Christmas in July: The Wittbloom Take

22 Jul


When I realized Zack and I were at The Polar Express* in our Hanks reviewing, I felt we could do only one thing — host a Christmas in July**, Wittbloom style. We’d get each other a few presents, have biscuits for breakfast and Christmas cookies for dessert, and drink apple champagne and generally make merry. Happily, Zack was on board with this plan***, and we set to work creating a little winter magic during this hot Texas summer.

*We’ll get to the film in a separate post. Spoiler: Not great. 

**I’m still getting used to Christmas in December. July? Are there fireworks? What is this? 

***I couldn’t say no to Caitlin when I saw how excited she was for it. And I thought it would be a good excuse to get a Hanks ornament. 

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Rock Love Pre-Wedding Photos

20 Jul


This wedding photo-filled post covers our rehearsal dinner and the moment right up to when the ceremony started. Our photographer captured some beautiful family and friend pics at Torchy’s for the rehearsal, in two hotels as we got ready, in front of The Parish with Scooby and inside just before we walked down the aisle. He seriously caught so many magical moments. It’s exactly what I hoped for. Continue reading

Rock Love Wedding Dance Party

12 Jul


“Let’s eat cake and dance until they make us stop.” This was how I ended our thank you speech and, thankfully, our friends and family took us up on our desire to dance our newly married butts off until midnight. Once the cake was cut and gobbled up, Caitlin changed into her Pumas*, the band took the stage for an hour and a half and our DJ took us home with 45 minutes of jams that kept the party going. We were told over and over that “I’ve never danced so much at a wedding” and we have the pictures to prove it’s true. Our photographers’ 8 hours of pictures ran out before the last half hour of the night when I stage dove**, but as you’ll see, they captured some pretty epic dance moments.  We’ll go through the night in reverse order, from the end of the All My Friends set up until the cake cutting in the last post. There’s a ton of pictures to get through, so let’s get into it…

*In large part, out of necessity — I managed to get a charlie horse in BOTH of my calves when I sat down to eat my cake, and despite some stretching and massaging the spasms would return off and on while I was dancing the rest of the night.

**Probably for the best. Continue reading

Rock Love Wedding Photos: The Ceremony

7 Jul


Prepare yourselves for the photo dump of the century! We have tons* of amazing photos from the wedding that we want to share, so we’re breaking them down in a few posts. This one features the ceremony, and we’ve included the text from ours — what our officiant said, what we said in our vows, the reading we had our friend Monte do, and the speeches** later in the evening from our dads. Thanks for sharing in our memories, and stay tuned for more amazing photos (featuring serious dance face***).

*634 to be exact, from our incredible photographer Stefano.

**The next few posts will be very picture heavy, but this one’s a lot of words, since we have all the speeches in here, but we’ll try to space it out with some great ceremony pics as well, so stick with us. 

***There are so many ridiculous pictures of all of us making hilarious sweaty dance faces that it made me wish we could get a professional photographer for all our parties.

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Rock Love Honeymoon

5 Jul

drinks on beach

Our honeymoon really was exactly what we hoped for. We wanted a week to unwind, but also get some adventures in*. At any given time, we were usually doing one of two things: Relaxing in a hammock by the beach or pool, with a tropical drink and a book in hand or heading into the jungle or sea to meet the incredible wildlife of Belize. While we got to relax a ton, it was a great chance to get Caitlin out of her comfort zone to do things I doubt she thought she’d be comfortable doing**, like ride a tiny plane and jump off a boat to snorkel in the sea with sting rays.

*As we have shared with you here, we haven’t been great traditionally at taking “relaxing” vacations – we were used to rushing from place to place, trying to cram in as many experiences as possible. It was time to take it slow.

**Oh, I DEFINITELY thought I’d be terrified. Continue reading


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