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From Go-Karts to Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Jr.)

15 May


There wasn’t an explicit discussion, but after such a jam-packed first day of hanging out around Austin, it felt universally agreed upon that we’d all sleep in as late as we wanted and get up leisurely. We woke up sore from our Go-Karting, making us all feel a little bit older than we’d hoped* (and, the boys had horrific bruises on their backs from being bumper-car’d into the whole time), so we decided to fight this feeling with a healthier lunch. We headed to Whole Foods to grab some sushi and treats, and then wandered around that area, hitting up Waterloo and Book People, where I invested in a tin Beatles lunchbox that I now use for my work lunches.

*It’s sad how much easy it is to get bruised and sore muscles in your late 20s.

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Weekend in Dallas with Caitlin’s Mom & 3 Dogs

31 Mar

allofthedogsZack and I both forgot that a holiday was upon us this past weekend*, but because our beloved Chicago Bulls were playing the Dallas Mavericks and my mom lives just outside of the big city, we felt it’d be a great excuse for a long weekend of family and relaxation. My mom’s family got bigger since we last visited her — instead of just her and my stepdad Scott, they now have two “little ones” in the form of Browndogg and Cinnamon, their sister Airedale terriers.

*Texas Relays weekend! Oh, right. Easter. We bought these basketball tickets in like November, so we didn’t really consider anything except ‘Is this during SXSW?’ 

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The Cookies Caitlin Will Serve at Zack’s Funeral

23 Jan

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 11.57.52 PMCaitlin and I have plans this Friday night to watch the Talking Heads movie “Stop Making Sense” with our friends Mark and Amelia*. Mark has the Blu-Ray and will be making dinner, so we offered to bring dessert and wine. Caitlin’s the baker between us, so she went Pinteresting for recipe ideas. She came to me with two potential ideas. My response: “#2 by a million miles. #1 looks like poop i make after I eat paint.**” #1 is above. Good lord, why would anyone eat that? Caitlin said she was “def making them some day.***” I told her “for my funeral.” She agreed. So, if you’re forced to eat these terribly ugly cookies with plain boring M&Ms inside, don’t blame me. I’ll be dead.

*This will be my first-ever viewing and I am SO excited.

**When I was reading back over that at work today whilst looking up my link to the second recipe, I literally laughed out loud at my desk. Yes, we are adults. Sort of.

***How can you not love these?! They’re PINATA COOKIES! They actually have stuff inside!! Continue reading

Driskill Dinner Date

28 Feb

I tend to not have terribly fancy tastes, but there are a few things in this world that make my ladyheart swoon. I love a beautiful fancy dress, a cute pair of shoes, big romantic gestures and the Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas. There is something about its grand halls and tall ceilings that get me every time. So when Zack was asking me where I might want to share a make-up Valentine’s Day dinner with him, it didn’t take me long to suggest the Driskill’s 1886 Cafe & Bakery. I had been there twice before, and I was enchanted by fancy bread baskets and not-too-overwhelming prices; it was a very nice, but still affordable way to dine in the Driskill and make-your-own meal. Zack made us reservations for Friday night*, well before our Los Campesinos! concert, and I took the opportunity to wear a fancy dress and heels, and enjoy my man’s company and some delectable treats.

Unfortunately, the horse and carriage ride I’d arranged to take us to dinner was canceled due to rain, but my ’02 Honda Accord was a lovely chariot as well. 

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Pie Party

18 Jan

Caitlin and I got our dear friends Lisa and Eric a pie machine for their wedding gift. They had made a couple pies for parties we’d attended in the past, but we’d never had a full pie meal. They invited us over Friday night and we got our pie on. Look at these beauties cooling. Unfortunately, no windowsill. 

Lisa is about to top the Strawberry pie. Lisa told us she used a Pillsbury pre-made dough, and she put some lemon zest in the strawberry pies to keep them fresh and zingy. 

Once the pies were covered, Lisa popped them into the pie machine. I snapped this pic right before it closed. I like that the pie machine is right next to the toaster. If I ran the world, those two appliances would be staples of every home.

Dinner’s on! The four to the left are spinach and feta pies. I had one of those. Yum town. The other two pictured are egg pies. I’ll let Caitlin describe those since she had it. There was also an awesome onion one. The egg and cheese pie was PERFECT. I don’t know what kind of cheese Lisa used, but it was creamy goodness in just the right serving size. For dessert, Zack opted for a banana and caramel pie, and I went strawberry. I usually hate bananas in desserts, but I actually loved that pie even more than my strawberry one — it was perfectly sweet and yummy. I only had a bite of the strawberry one and was really glad I had the banana and caramel. It was a bit too zesty for me.

After the pie was consumed, we got into a lively game of “Dicecapades.” Earlier in the day, Caitlin and I had a picnic at Zilker park where we played Yahtzee! with 5 (count ‘em, 5!) dice*. Dicecapades has 133! I’m not sure more dice equals more fun. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but it’s incredibly arbitrary for one, and it’s essentially a ton of mini games, and many of the mini games aren’t great. The first one we had to do was perform five impressions in 30 seconds. I got people to guess Johnny Carson, Ace Ventura, Austin Powers, one other one I can’t remember now and then I said “Aah! Monsters…” And no one had any idea what I was doing**. Neither did I. Apparently I was trying to be Lady Gaga? What is wrong with me? Welp, next turn we lost a tag team arm wrestling match to Derrick and his son (Caitlin let him win…supposedly***) and then we fell way behind. The game was cool. I wish we got more trivia questions and less random dice rolling, but I’d play it again****.

*Actually, this was done the day after pie night. I remember because Zack abandoned me for football after I whooped him at Yahtzee. No regrets. The second half of that Saints-49ers game was epic.

**Before Zack even started, someone yelled, “Jack White!” He should have just said, “Exactly!” and we would have won that round. He was not quite on his game. Then again, I didn’t even do any impressions, so I certainly can’t talk. 

***Psh. Supposedly. The kid was like 7. I think Zack and I should arm wrestle and we can put that “supposedly” to rest.

****I actually loved the game, I thought it was a blast!

There are often grocery coupons for Pillsbury and other pie-making ingredients.

Dreidel! Dreidel! Dreidel! and other Chanukah adventures

22 Dec

As I was raised Catholic, I had never celebrated Chanukah before in my life. I was aware of the Dreidel song, and knew about potato pancakes because they make ‘em in Germany and call ‘em Kartoffelpuffen — which, incidentally, was my favorite German word for a long time and thus became my nickname in middle school. Anyhow, the only Jewish tradition I’d ever been able to participate in before was a friend’s Bat* Mitzvah, and I didn’t even go to the awesome party** part at the end. So I was very excited when Zack said he wanted to throw a Chanukah party to celebrate the beginning of the 8 days. He made delicious latkes, I made our long-awaited Dublin Dr. Pepper cake, we invited our dearests over and asked people to bring red wine and $10 for quarters. It was time for a party.

*Caitlin pronounces it Bat (Like the guy who fights the Joker or the nocturnal upside-down black flying dudes who hang out under the Congress bridge. If you’re wondering, it’s pronounced Bahh-t)

**A perfect metaphor for young Caitlin. She went to the boring, school-ish part and not the party. She’s now sticking her tongue out at me while reading this. I assume.

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Making the Dublin Dr. Pepper Cake

20 Dec

Besides the 30 bottles of Dublin Dr. Pepper, which we’ve been carefully rationing out*, the big get from the Dublin Dr. Pepper tour was a cake and frosting mix. We’d been plotting on when to bake it. Caitlin wanted to do it as soon as possible. I wanted to save it for a time when we could share it with our friends**. It’s just dangerous to have a cake around. (I’m having flashbacks of leftover Halloween cake.) Anyway, we decided that it would be perfect for the Chanukah party, so Caitlin took over as our resident baker. I’ll tell this story in picture comments, since that was pretty much my only contribution, besides telling Caitlin she was waiting too long to make the frosting, while playing iPad games on the couch. I’m awesome***. Here Caitlin is, scooping the cake mix into the pan.

*I think there is an unspoken competition between Zack and I as to who will make their stash last the longest. It’s totally spoken. We keep tally marks on the box and you bragged about having one more than me already this week.

**I am not a sharer. Especially when it comes to delicious baked goods. I take the Twix approach.

***He was moral support at the end, and he usually cooks for us, so it was my turn. Continue reading

Dallas with the Fords [Maniacal Laugh]

4 Dec

Even though my mom lives in Texas, she’s about 4 hours away in Dallas*, so we don’t get to see her as often as we’d like. Luckily, I was able to ask for some time off of work and take Zack up to the big city** to hang out with my northernly based familia. We drove up to my mom’s house, which was already adorably decorated for the holidays. Her tree shone in her front window with bright white lights and burnt orange decorations, and a toy train circling the base. Zack said immediately that we needed to film the train for his baby cousin, Ellie, whom we both adore. She’s kind of obsessed with trains.

*Caitlin’s mom doesn’t live in Dallas. She lives in Royse City. It’s like 40 minutes away.

**If you can say the phrase, “We have a Walmart coming and the locals think it will ‘put us on the map,'” you are not in a big city. Even if you’re anti-the new Walmart, you are not in a big city. I honestly didn’t want to go to Dallas, so this was more than fine by me. It was totally relaxing and fun. Continue reading

(Hashtag) Pizza Party (Dot Com)

23 Nov

Our dear friend Alex just turned 25, and to celebrate, she hosted a fantastic pizza party at the Lighthouse. Coincidentally, our friend Lisa and my imaginary (thus far) band is going to be called Pizza Party, so watch for us when we eventually write a song. Anywho, Zack and I, after much deliberation*, decided on a dessert pizza, and picked up a delicious recipe online.

*I was really against the dessert pizza at first, for no good reason, but eventually came around on it. I really under-estimated the bold flavors of sugar cookies, you guys.

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Pumpkin Carving 2011

9 Nov

For this post, I’m going to ask you to think back — back to a time of pumpkins and carvings and cool weather and costumes. Yes, all the way back to Halloween 2011. A few weeks ago, Zack and I hosted a pumpkin carving party with our pals, and it was a total blast. We indulged in Halloween-y cake, orange margaritas, baked pumpkin seeds, and various fall-themed beers, and had a wonderful time. Some of our guests were actually carving their very first pumpkins, and nobody lost any limbs*, so we’re considering it a win.

*I feel like losing appendages was a more valid concern, but none of those were lost either, so double win.

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