Mark & Ranjana’s Roaring Engagement Party

9 Oct

Two of our dear friends, Ranjana and Mark, recently announced their engagement, and decided to celebrate in style with a 20s-themed engagement party. This fulfilled my dream of finally dressing like a flapper girl. Ever since I was in elementary school, I was mesmerized by the sparkly dresses and spunky style of those women. It also allowed us to celebrate the love of our friends — Zack and I actually knew Ranjana before we knew each other, through an existing friend group and classes at the University of Texas, respectively. All of our friends are full of whimsy (and lack ego, thankfully) so people really went all-out to participate.

Here’s the skinny- The ol’ doc handcuffed Ranjy T after carrying a torch for the dame for ages. Attaboy! We dolled up real spiffy, went to see a man about a dog, filled the Dog Majal with hooch and found ourselves in a juice joint. He’s gonna middle that girl one day, but getting ossified was the agenda for the night. Now you’re on the trolley!

The Doc flashed a toothy grin, while Ranjy beat her gums at the damn dirty dogs. They’re goofy in love, I tell ya.  

Our pals Kelsey and Heath, who we’re stealing adopting this blog idea from, are already married and about to celebrate the purchase of their first home. Santi entered the friend group around the same time I did. I found out that Santi hates “your mom” jokes. Apparently mothers are really honored in Mexico and he doesn’t know the line to tread with them. All night I went up to him to say “Your mother is a gracious host! And she is a lovely cook!”  

Mark celebrates with the lovely and wonderful Christine. The friendship was written in stone forever after a trip to India last year. Being the best man/maid of honor at Eric and Lisa’s wedding didn’t hurt.

I ham it up as Christine and I become two living disco-balls of sparkle. Check out the gams on my gal! Ooh la la!

Alex and I were actually wearing the same dress from Lucy in Disguise, just in different colors. Ranjana’s black fringe dress was totally hot, and she was glowing all night. Alex was shamed because she had no feather in her hat. I kid, I kid. 

Bryn and Monte looked dapper, while Judson went for a crazed Scotsman look, kilt and all. Crazed is his normal look. The Kilt was an added bonus. Apparently, as Caitlin told me last night, Judson doesn’t have cancer … because if you have red eyes in a picture, you don’t have cancer. (We’re clearly writing a medical book.)

As Zack will attest, I fought with my feather headband for about 15 minutes before heading to the party. I thought it made my head look weird. Zack always tells me I look great, because he’s fabulous. You do look great. I want to plant one right on your kisser. Getting hotsy totsy was a hoot. A lifetime of happiness to the engaged couple. Can’t wait for the wedding!


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