Party Noms – The Invention of the Oreo Bowl

9 Oct

Caitlin and I wanted to have a few noms for our friends at our housewarming, because when you have a few strong ‘Ritas in your system, it’s best to have some cookies and fried food in there to soak it up (we’re clearly writing a health book). I had Friday off work, so I picked up some chocolate covered almonds, Milano cookies, chips & salsa/French Onion dip, and frozen mozzarella sticks and figured we’d be good to go. Caitlin got home, admired the job I’d done cleaning up* and thought we needed more beer and snacks**. I already knew we needed more ice, so to the Cool Store we went.

*He really did a fantastic cleaning job; floors were mopped or vacuumed, things were picked up and dusted. Good man.

**I was fairly paranoid that we would not end up with enough food and drink for the party guests, because these are the things I worry about, people.

The Cool Store is a little haven on E. 6th*** that has pretty much everything a mini-mart should have. We got two bags of ice, two sleeves of Oreo’s (they sell them in sleeves, not the traditional box) and a 6-pack of Fat Tire for Caitlin’s brother**** and a 6-pack of Fireman’s for people who like good beer. When back at the Wittbloom apt., Caitlin arranged the Oreo’s in a circle around a plate and asked what we should put in the middle. I suggested the Milano’s, which were currently on a plate of their own. That didn’t appeal to her*****. “What if we just pour milk in the middle of the plate?” I facetiously offered. She acknowledged my foolishness, but noted there was a way that could work. What if we put a small bowl of milk in the middle of the Oreo tray? Yeah. That’s how amazing happens. Even though we had to dispose of the milk after an hour or two, and had to warn people not to double dip, the Oreo milk bowl was a stroke of genius that will be discussed fondly****** at dinner parties for years.

***It truly is our favorite local corner shop. The women who are typically working the counter are very sweet and friendly, and they’ve got an eclectic mix of items (and a really impressive selection of beer).

****A very, very belated birthday gift for my now-21-year-old bro. As I introduced Edward to my friends, I probably said about 4 different times over the course of the night, “I really can’t believe he’s graduating. I’m so old!”

*****I wanted it to look like we had more snacks, not less. Gah!

******And featured proudly.


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