The Wittbloom Rita #1

9 Oct

Caitlin and I got it in our heads that we’re going to be Margarita (which we’ll call ‘Ritas from here on out) experts. As recently as a few months ago, we were making ‘ritas with bottom shelf tequila and sugar-free* strawberry Margarita mix poured indelicately over ice. I apologize for the vomit taste in your mouth you may now be experiencing. They were terrible and we knew we could do better with just a little effort. The day of the party, our dear friend Mark lent us his roommate’s blender and I went to Twin Liquors with little to no knowledge of making a decent ‘Rita. I went up to the counter and told the guy I wanted to make a good batch of frozen ones and he took me for a walk. After our walk, we ended up in the Tequila aisle, where I was directed to a deal on Leyenda de Milagro for two bottles under $50. Mixers after the jump.

*We need to be better at reading. Definitely didn’t realize it was sugar-free until it was home and opened.

My liquor store expert suggested not going with a pre-made mix. He said he likes to go with Austin’s Paula’s Texas Orange premium liquor**, mexican beer and Minute Maid frozen limeade. He even wrote out a little business card with how much of each to use and after Lisa and Eric bequeathed a liquid measuring cup to us, we were ready to go. Despite Caitlin’s apprehensive pouring face***, it worked out quite well

The Wittbloom Rita #1 Recipe:

  • Fill Blender most of the way with ice.  
  • Add 4 oz. Tequila 
  • Add 2 oz. Paula’s Texas Orange premium liquor 
  • Add full can of Minute Maid Frozen Limeade
  • Add half can of Mexican beer (Tecate)
  • Blend until smooth and garnish with lime and salt-rim

I gotta say, I loved this recipe. I ended up making 6 pitchers worth, even digging into Caitlin’s frozen lemonade stash for the 6th and polished off about 5 full glasses on my own. (Note how much of each of our glasses has been drunk.) We’re more than open to new suggestions for ‘Rita recipes, but for now this is our new go-to. What’s your recipe?

**Go local! I always prefer locally made products – they tend to be of higher quality, and it feels so good to support your community.

***I had just poured margarita onto my hand, so this is my “Y U No Pour Right” pout.


One Response to “The Wittbloom Rita #1”

  1. suzy October 10, 2011 at 12:40 pm #

    cute! i wanna come ovah for ‘ritas!

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