Warming the Wittbloom Apartment

10 Oct

Even though Caitlin moved in in mid-July, we hadn’t had our friends over for a proper housewarming yet. We’d put a lot of time into transforming the apartment from a dude apartment into a place that we affectionately call home. The living room used to have a tattered red couch, two TVs, no dining room furniture, and the only artwork was Bryn’s collection of Lone Star caps. Now we have cranberry painted walls, Arcade Fire and Little Lo canvases, a wall unit full of vinyl, rock DVDs and music books, a leather couch, a lovely dining room table and a Jack White shrine. We needed to show it off and invite our good friends over to warm the place up.

We were so excited to have everyone over. We barely saw each other most of the night. Too busy hosting and making Ritas.

The ladies were deep in conversation, so I didn’t want to make them pose. 

This was definitely during our conversation about Matthew Bellamy from Muse.

Walked over to the other side of the room and they just kept on chatting. Looks like four distinct conversations going on. And we’re just warming up.

Fine, fine, fine you can pose. 

Then a posed one of the gentleman. I swear I didn’t plan for Lisa, Kelsey and Alex’s men to be posed in the same order as them. That’s just how it worked out. 

Caitlin and I couldn’t get over how cute Mark and Amelia look together in this one. And, of course, C-Rob looks awesome dipping his chip. And whatever Antonio’s doing: keep doing it. Beluga!

Caitlin and Edward- you do something goofy with your right hand. Caitlin and Christina- mouths open. Brittany- you just smile nice and wide. And go.

Apparently it’s a Wittlif trait to be a complete goofball.

Monte- realizing that this is his crew and not appreciating them as much as he should.Wolfman and White Moses were happy to be there. They knew what they were about to drop on us. 

Phil wondering if he could get Banksy to tag “Philtron” around Austin. Couldn’t hurt. 

We are friends, and we are laughing.

Doc C flashing. That Fleet Foxes taping really revved him up, huh. 

The blondes, blonde-ing. I think this was just before Valerie and I started dancing like maniacs.

After getting married recently, Lisa was an old pro at how to direct a photo shoot. This one was smile time. 

Then we were told to get serious or “mean mug,” if you will. 

And now we are squirrels. 

Happy Serious Squirrels


2 Responses to “Warming the Wittbloom Apartment”

  1. ceejayford October 10, 2011 at 8:42 pm #

    Too much fun – love you!

  2. Valerie Kusler October 11, 2011 at 12:04 am #

    Love the blog, and of course, the ridic pics.

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