Anniversary Gifts/Plans

11 Oct

Anniversaries are big deals to Zack and me. Both of us love to surprise others, to treat the ones we adore to something special, and to let them know that they are central to our lives. I know that for me, Zack is the light of my life. He brightens my days, keeps me centered, and helps me grow. I wanted to make sure that I spent time on his gifts so that he knew just how much I loved him. I am a somewhat crafty lass, and I love to make cards for people because I prefer personalizing them inside and out. For the anniversary “card,” I decided to go overboard and spend something like 30 hours constructing a “festival guide” to our relationship over the past year. Since we met on the last day of the Austin City Limits festival, and I was the editor for that guide in 2010, I thought it would be perfect to use that layout to capture the memories I had of our year.

In honor of this blog, I also wanted to get him a book about ‘ritas, or something of that nature. I ended up finding a book about famous writers’ preferred drinks, which I thought was perfect. After all, we’re almost famous writers ourselves, right? I also wanted to get him something funny, because we love to laugh together, so I got him a DVD of Wyatt Cenac’s stand-up comedy. Of course, there were mix CDs to represent our year in music*, and then there is one last gift that’s still in the mail, so I won’t spoil that surprise yet. 

Zack is a doll, and made me a beautifully thought-out mix (it kicks off with Tony! Toni! Tone!’s “Anniversary” – what could be more perfect?), including a Conor Oberst cover of a White Stripes song. Seriously, Zack and I were fated. He also bought me a dozen roses – one for every month we have been together – and Radiohead’s In Rainbows on vinyl. He’s a standup guy, that Z. H. Teibloom. I’m a very lucky lady, and I can’t wait to see what our future years will bring us.

*The mix Caitlin made was a double album. The first one traced our history of our couple from her feeling nervous at our first dates to falling in love and moving in together. I loved “I’m a Lonely Little Petunia” from Six Feet Under (signifying how she felt before we met) “10/10” by Paolo Nutini, which appealed to my love of rating things, a live “We Used to Wait” and Buddy Holly’s “Oh Boy!” Mix two was even better despite (because of?) Hanson. Psh, please. You know you loved rolling our windows down and singing “Mmmbop” at the top of our lungs to passers-by on Red River. If you notice me swapping the CD out of my stereo when you get in my car, it’s because I’m listening to these mixes and that would be awkward to listen to with people who are not Caitlin.

Zack also got me this fabulous photo album, featuring our year together in photos. It’s amazing, and sweetly – sometimes hilariously – captioned, which is so perfectly representative of him. I called myself out on having a porn mustache and told her she looked so good at FFF I couldn’t believe it (and had a picture of me with a shocked face to confirm it.)

This was the cover of my “festival guide” for Zack. I tried to keep a red and white theme to appeal to his White Stripes adoration. Oh, it was more than appreciated. Some of the pages had red and white stripes. Her attention to detail was meticulous and amazeballs.

I know, I know, it’s just too much. Sorry, mushy-things-haters. My guy friends will never let me live this blog down. How about that local sports team, eh? Beer is good. Uhh, guys? This from the boy who keeps telling me how amazing 27 Dresses is.

The Rock Garden! Zack took me back to where we both boarded the shuttle bus after ACL that led us to meeting each other, and we had to snap a photo of this sign. We named our spare room the Rock Garden before we knew this existed, but it’s all really too perfect. It was dark out, so we left my car running (“Keep the car running!”) and just pointed the headlights at the sign. Sometimes, ya gotta get creative. (You always have to get creative.)


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