Culture Map Austin FDP with Annie Ray gifs

12 Oct

If an FDP happens and Annie Ray isn’t there to photo booth it, does it really happen? I think this is meant to be a hypothetical question, but the answer is no. Luckily, Annie Ray was there to capture what I would nominate as the FDP of the year (SXSW doesn’t count.) Culture Map is a consistently strong Austin website and they threw one hell of an FDP (Free Drink Party) for the uninitiated. There was open bar with (too) strong vodka, whiskey and gin drinks, lots of cold high-quality beer with little line and a smorgasbord of noms. Baby tacos from Maudies? Prime Rib sliders? The best mini BLT’s ever? Yes, yes, and knee bucklingly yes. Oh, and there was a petting zoo! With bunnies! Let’s see how it was in .gif and pic form:

Culture Map Annie Ray

The consensus it that Heath pulls off the best array of looks. I’m embarrassed I put on Kanye shades.

Annie Ray 2

I nominate Val for best .gif-fer here for her varied sunglasses looks. Rob gets 2nd place for mic work. Third place is you’re fired. Sadly, Caitlin wasn’t there yet for the photoshop fun, but she did make it in time for bunnies. 

Caitlin’s dad always told her he’d get her a bunny and it never happened. This is the closest she’ll ever get. I told her to make a run for it, but alas, we remain bunny-less. 


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