Halloween 2011 – The Party

31 Oct

Once Zack and I had donned our couple’s rock attire, it was time to share our faux disdain and disinterest with the world. Luckily for us, our friends always throw killing Halloween parties, so we headed to young Charles Heidrick’s abode (the Lodge) and I was allowed to drink myself silly, since Zack offered to DD for the night. It was way, way more fun than my face makes it look. It was more fun than my face suggests as well, but I may have taken the character thing a bit too far. Smoking half a pack of cigarettes and pretending to pass out on a couch in a faux heroin OD isn’t as satisfying as one would imagine (OK, it’s exactly as un-satisfying as one would imagine.)

I don’t know if The Other Caitlin is in character, because I don’t know anything about Pokemon and I’d like to keep it that way. This is the only shot we have of Alex as a never nude who was so cold she had a blanket. She didn’t blue herself either, but the never nude was pretty great anyway. Alex was my favorite costume of the night. Her grand reveal of dropping the blanket to show off her body suit and cut-off jeans was genius! It was solid, no doubt, but once you’ve seen a few never-nudes who go the extra mile and “blue” themselves, you hold the ‘stume to a higher standard.

When The Other Caitlin dressed like Pikachu, she didn’t think her “Gotta catch ’em all” catchphrase would be taken so literally. Especially not by hook-for-a-hand, Buster Bluth. “Wow, we’re just blowing through nap time, aren’t we.”  The faces in this photo bring me more joy than I could ever explain.

Nick and Melissa made a lovely pair of dice. I did hear Nick saying he now knows why they round the ends of dice, since he seemed to be a walking hazard. Unfortunately, I didn’t see them doing the “dice move” much. I would have liked to try a game of clickity-clickity-clack with these two.

Tiffany and Antonio slapped together a Thing 1/Thing 2. But just because Tiffany is thing 2, doesn’t mean she’s inferior.  If anything, she gets bonus points for doing the blue hat/hair thing. These two are far too sweet to actually be the Things, but they looked adorable and definitely had the upbeat energy to pull this off.

Amelia and Mark missed our pumpkin carving party so Mark could finish making his custom jacket, belt and pants. We were sad to not have them there, but once we saw how awesome he’d done, all was forgiven. (Side note- I later knocked this drink Mark’s holding down. Combine the fact that I had sunglasses on and that the drink was on the ground and it was bound to happen.) To make up for it: Top 10 Han/Leia moments! When Amelia walked in the room, my mouth literally dropped. She looked spot-on. Kudos, team!

C-Rob killed it last year as Jules (the Bad Mo-Fo hisself) and stepped it up again with Tiger Woods. He dropped that club pretty often, and I would have preferred red over pink/whatever color that hat is, but bravo. Was C-Rob feeding us a line when he said he was “going home” when he left at midnight? “I’ve always wanted to say this. For Shizzle.”  I was mostly just sad that we didn’t get to spend more time with Austin’s own Tiger. I ran into Mr. Woods on Monday and he confirmed his story that he actually did go home and just chilled with neighbors. Sorry for doubting you. You know how Tiger is with lying though. Reputation preceded you, homes.

The brothers Heidrick wigged up for Halloween. Charles was Kenny F’n Powers, and … I can’t even type a Powers joke here, we’re a family blog, so just watch the best of Kenny F’n Powers vid. Rob was chicken dancing as Lucille (my favorite costume of the night) as he was getting off on being withholding, quote handing and he wasn’t sure whether the Hot Tamales were on a plater or a platter and he didn’t understand the question. Best of Lucille. Much like a bottle of vodka, once you open it, you have to drink it all in one sitting. Rob cracked me up, and I could hear him quoting lines left and right all evening. A definite win.

Tristan “I’m gonna tell girls about how I hit on homeless girls last weekend” pulled off an instantly identifiable Richie Tennenbaum. We compared notes on our characters’ suicides (or attempts) and whether or not Kurt was murdered. Tristan isn’t quite sure. Bryn rocked off an inspired Hank Williams Jr. and even though I didn’t hear enough fake football songs or Hitler yelling, it got my runner-up for best costume award. We were all under the impression that Monte was going to “Treat Yo Self” to a Tom Haverford costume. Instead, he channeled his inner little Monte and re-made a child astronaut costume and soured into outer-space. And our hearts. Houston, we have a great costume. Until it was explained to me, Monte’s costume totally confused me. I thought he was a Ghostbuster with a hard hat on. The best part of his costume, hands-down, were his shoes. He cut up the little-kid booties to barely cover his Converse.

Harrison Ford as Indy Jones. Harrison Ford as Han Solo. I ALREADY WORK AROUND THE CLOCK! My wife! My family!

I love the point in the night where the memories and pictures get blurry. And random combinations of people. Buster Bluth would be more than a little frightened of Courtney Love and Kenny Powers in real life. Especially Courtney. I think I look more like a sad ghost in this picture. Smiling, but a disaster.

Pik-A-ah-ah-ah-Choo! Nice work making your eyes look red/crazy, Caitlin #1! I don’t have cancer!

New entry for Lisa with her Banana Grabber costume. I don’t think we got one of Eric in his Lindsay Bluth slut shirt, sadly. Or Alex as a never-nude. They went well with Lucille and Buster. If I was joining, I would have been Jay Walter Weatherman. It was Arrested Development. The Other Caitlin’s face is my favorite here.

The most animated I was all night. I spent a solid amount of time pretending to be passed out on a couch a la Kurt. I gotta remember to be someone with more of an interesting personality next year. Nothing was funnier than Rob pushing his hair back though. Nothing. I definitely got the more animated costume this year (a swap from last year, where I was quiet Meg White and Zack was extravert Jack). I’m very, very excited about the prospect of next year — if we go as who we’re thinking of going as, we’ll both get to dance around in a state of joyful bliss. To be continued…


3 Responses to “Halloween 2011 – The Party”

  1. Caitlin D (@YoSoyCaitlin) October 31, 2011 at 6:52 pm #

    Oh jesus christ. I am overly featured in this.

  2. Melissa October 31, 2011 at 7:29 pm #

    You guys had the best couple’s outfit of Halloween! Also, I didn’t realize Charles was Kenny Powers until just now – AWESOME!!

  3. Tristan Shinnick November 10, 2011 at 2:33 am #

    Late, but, Kurt was totally murdered yo. or just real real sad

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