Halloween Ritas

2 Nov

The Wittbloom Pumpkin Carving party was my turn to get drunk. I agreed to drive Caitlin to Saturday’s party (since  I work at 6 am on Sunday), so Friday was my time to get three sheets to the wind. And then throw those sheets over myself and say I was a ghost. The plan was to have a bunch of pumpkin beer, but pumpkin beer is heavy and I wanted to get “he shouldn’t be holding a knife to carve a pumpkin” drunk. The answer? Ritas. But how to make them festive? Should we use orange juice instead of limeade? No, no. Orange food dye! Wait, orange food dye wasn’t sold at our HEB*. But red and yellow were! Game on.

 *Zack attempted to purchase orange extract initially, but I stopped this from occurring. Food dye is a Wittlif/Janas staple, because we’re baking fiends and love to add color to our plate, so I (thankfully) knew the difference between dye and flavoring.

We kept the same recipe for the Ritas. Fill the blender 3/4 full w/ ice, add the can of frozen limeade,  4 oz of your favorite tequila, 2 oz of orange liqueur and half a can of Mexican beer and garnish w/ lime and salt. The only addition was 2 drops of red food dye and 10 drops of yellow food dye. The Ritas tasted good as ever, were festive and I ended up on the porch, yelling at bikers and was not allowed to carve a pumpkin. Success. 


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