Jurassic Party

13 Nov

At my birthday dinner on Monday night, the Lighthouse crew was discussing going to a screening of Jurassic Park at the Alamo, hosted by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. We were all pretty hyped on the idea until we realized that Caitlin would still be at work when it started, and she was the only one of us who hadn’t seen the 1994 classic. Thankfully, our friends are awesome* and Heath and Kelsey, of The Doodle House offered to host a backyard screening on their projection TV. Did the event turn into songwriting about dinosaurs and a Jurassic Park drinking game? Of course it did.

*Seriously, they are. It was so sweet of everyone to accommodate me. Someday I’ll work more normal hours and get to party it up before we’re all falling asleep on sleeping bags!

Soon after we arrived, we were lovingly attacked by Kelsey and Heath’s two adorable Labradoodles* (here’s a pic of Stella). After we gushed over how together the new Doodle House looks after having only been lived in for a few weeks, Antonio told us he was in a songwriting competition and wanted us to write a song about dinosaurs**. We riffed for a while, coming up with a story about a dinosaur who worked in a stenopool and lamented his short arms and had dreams of being in a band. We all got distracted and never ended up singing it, but Tiffany did write down some lyrics. 

Apparently Eric spent a long time looking for a Jurassic Park DVD and ended up going to several stores to buy it. I wish he’d just asked if any of us had it, because I’ve been a proud owner of the Jurassic Park two-pack for over a decade. Eventually he found it and we loaded it up on a computer still running Windows 97. You’re never gonna believe this, but the computer stalled and kept skipping and was unplayable. Luckily, the computer Antonio brought to record the dinosaur song was in the kitchen and it worked perfectly.

*Some people get all gooey over babies. My ovaries swing into full motion with dogs. These Labradoodles were possibly my favorite animals of all time — they gave tons of kisses, were super loving and smiley, and were incredibly soft and energetic and just the right size. Swoon.

**In theory, this activity could have been my “coming out” as a wannabe musician, but I was too nervous so I hardly participated. Everyone else did awesome, though, including Zack, who threw in a universally loved pun about Sonic Youth. In the song, the dinosaur was “Thirstin for Moore,” so I threw in the line “because that’s my deal.” 

See how Sam Jackson is smoking while talking here? If you noticed that while watching the movie, you’d drink. It was one of the rules of our drinking game that we half found online and half made-up ourselves. Here’s the rest of the rules. Drink every time:

  • Newman (Wayne Knight) is eating 
  • There’s an overhead helicopter shot with dramatic music
  • Dr. Grant hates children
  • They say, “We spared no expense.”
  • Jurassic Park merchandise is spotted
  • Sam Jackson smokes while talking
  • A dinosaur eats someone or something
  • Jeff Goldblum stutters (This was the only rule I didn’t like. We missed all his best speeches, because you’d hear a chorus of “Drink. Oh, keep drinking. Drink again!” any time he opened his mouth.
I’m sure there are a couple others I’m forgetting, but it added a nice wrinkle to the film, and somehow Caitlin was able to follow the movie with all the constant chatter. I probably heard more of Rob and Monte chiming in with one-liners than I did much of the dialogue, but thankfully they were entertaining, so I didn’t mind at all*.
*This is where my attention to detail came in handy. I followed the story with ease, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I especially loved Rob’s comments near the end of the film — I can’t specifically remember what they were about anymore, but it was gold and had me laughing until my sides hurt. And — shockingly! — I wasn’t scared. Just very, very sad when the cow* was fed to the dinos. 😦 *It was a bull and a goat. 

Our friends were yelling out “Heyyyy!” during the movie when the dinosaurs opened their mouth and I didn’t know why, but I went along with it anyway. How had I missed this video for so long?! Thanks for clueing me in, Caitlin*. And thanks again to the Doodle House!

*You’re welcome! I’m always surprised when Zack hasn’t heard about an internet meme and I have. It only happens rarely, but when it does, I love sharing with him. Even when he thinks it’s “NO FUNNNYYY!

For your own fun times and frivolity, use these Amazon promotional codes, order Jurassic Park, and drink up!


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