Filling the Wittbloom Apt. with Vinyl

16 Nov

Once Fun Fun Fun fest wraps up, it’s a cold few months until festival season springs back to life with SXSW. In the mean time, we like to collect vinyl from our favorite shows to keep us warm in the winter*. While we prefer to stick to Austin record stores like Waterloo, End of an Ear, Breakaway, Friends of Sound and Backspin, we had to venture into Urban Outfitters for this exclusive gorgeous double LP of M83’s Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. Would you believe it may not even be the most gorgeous vinyl we’ve acquired this week? Also, how darn cute is she in that Jack and Meg t?

*Vinyl is such a wonderful, visceral listening experience. I really do think it’s warmer (even though I still love my huge CD collection.)Caitlin pre-ordered the Sigur Ros Inni package, mostly because she loves the band*, but also because it got her a pass to the screening of the documentary, which we got to see on my birthday. After patiently waiting, the 3 LP package finally came in last night. That’s some crystal clear vinyl, right there. We made it through three of the six sides as we opened our mystery box of vinyl last night. Yes, I said mystery box of vinyl. I was very disheartened to hear that Backspin records is closing at the end of the year. I headed there after work Tuesday to check out their 25% off sale (seriously, go before all the good stuff is gone) and bought a box of 100 rock records for $10**.

Caitlin and I decided to play a game where we’d take 50 records and each pull them out one at a time. We’d vote on whether they were keepers or if they were going to be used for our wall. Oh, yeah. This weekend we’re taking the records we didn’t want and using them to decorate our bedroom wall. So we’d pull a record out and if we decided it was a keeper, we’d get a point. I think she beat me 21-16, which means we had 37 albums to add to our collection and enough leftover to cover the wall. It was sometimes hard to decide whether an album was a keeper or not. Gary Wright? “Oh! ‘Dreamweaver.’ Keeper.” Journey? Meh. (I think we ended up keeping two of three Journey albums we found***.)

*This is a kind understatement. I am totally obsessed with Sigur Ros. I saw them live for the first time while I was in college, and have been hooked ever since. I legitimately hope that their music is what plays whenever the apocalypse hits, or when I am on my deathbed reaching toward the light. It is gorgeous, overpowering and otherworldly.

**I encouraged Zack to do this in part because we are putting up vinyl on the wall of our bedroom, and we figured there’d be enough stinkers in the box to warrant posting many to the wall.

***All at Zack’s behest.

We decided to pick out our very favorite finds to write about. These are my top 5. Shaun Cassidy was the first I came across, and I pulled it because of my mom. She was in love with Shaun for a while, and he makes adorable, sweet pop songs for you to bop your head along to. The Creedance Clearwater Revival pick next to Shaun on the bottom row is a head-nod to my days in theater, when our teacher wrote us a play to perform and we used “Bad Moon Rising” for an interpretive dance (I know, I know, but the play was seriously awesome!) Plus, the packaging on the CCR vinyl is great – it’s put together like a package that you open up envelope-style. Above that is a near-perfect condition copy of Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark. That was the first Mitchell album I ever fell in love with, and for one golden summer I listened to it and some Aimee Mann almost non-stop, finally learning to love female voices. The Camelot soundtrack in the middle is a nod to my dad, who used to play and laugh along to this very album when I was growing up. Finally, my last pick literally made my mouth drop open — Rickie Lee Jones’ Pirates was just sitting there in the box, like some gift from on high. Another pick that my mom would be proud of, she introduced me to Rickie when I was trying to fall in love with more female artists. We saw Rickie speak together at SXSW a few years ago. This album in particular is one of my favorites. The epic “We Belong Together” will make your heart swell, if you pay attention. Altogether wonderful finds. Oh, and because he asked me to comment on it  — Zack’s lovely long toes are peeking in this picture.

Here’s a few highlights from my half. The one in the bottom left is the American Graffiti soundtrack, which is chalk full of 50’s classics. The Billy Idol one has “Money Money,” It’s the Blondie album with “Heart of Glass” and the Loverboy album with “Everybody’s working for the weekend.” I guess I put a lot of stock in whether the single that I love is on the album of artists I’m only semi-familiar with, but what can you do. Sometimes you just want that one jam. I didn’t know much about Jose Feliciano, but it’s a lot of  Beatles covers and Caitlin assures me he’s great*. And I think I like the book Talking to Girls About Duran Duran far more than I like Duran Duran, but still. Good to have**.  

*Feliz Navidad! Anyone? Anyone?!

**Because you can talk to me about them, obviously.

Oh, wait. There is one more thing.  This happened this weekend. And we didn’t even have to camp out as we planned. 

Radiohead dreams will keep us warm until March. And I hear vinyl is a good insulation. Look for a post on the new vinyl wall and tailgating after the weekend. 


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