(Hashtag) Pizza Party (Dot Com)

23 Nov

Our dear friend Alex just turned 25, and to celebrate, she hosted a fantastic pizza party at the Lighthouse. Coincidentally, our friend Lisa and my imaginary (thus far) band is going to be called Pizza Party, so watch for us when we eventually write a song. Anywho, Zack and I, after much deliberation*, decided on a dessert pizza, and picked up a delicious recipe online.

*I was really against the dessert pizza at first, for no good reason, but eventually came around on it. I really under-estimated the bold flavors of sugar cookies, you guys.

For our pizza, we bought a roll of sugar cookie dough, way too much whipped cream*, and a bunch of our favorite fruit. We flattened out the cookie dough to be very thin, nearly filling our pizza plate. We baked it for about 20 minutes**, and when it was perfectly done, we took it out and put it in the freezer to assist in the cooling process***. Once the whole plate felt cool, we cracked open some whipped cream and spread on a thick layer. Next up, Zack’s ingenious addition to the recipe was crushed up cinnamon-flavored graham crackers****, which we sprinkled around the plate. We then carefully laid out beautiful Maraschino cherries, blueberries, finely chopped pineapple, sliced strawberries and raspberries in rings around the plate. We finished everything off with a dusting of graham crumbs. It was totally yummy, with a fabulous chewy texture. Win!

*Cool Whip, or as my family used to call it, “Cool Vip.” It was funny in the way that pronouncing Target, “Tar-zjay” is funny.

**I checked on it at minutes 12, 15, 18, 20 and 21. I was being such a pest.

***I tried to take it out way too early, again. 

****My only real contribution besides chopping the fruit.

Here you can see our pizza next to Monte Money*‘s dip dish straight from the Cowboy’s Cookbook** (the football team, not the lifestyle), as well as an almost-empty plate with the remains of Rob’s fantastic marshmallowy, peanut butter and chocolatey dessert concoction. I thoroughly enjoyed this, although it was almost too decadent and I couldn’t finish my slice.

*Caitlin has our friend Monte in her phone as “Monte Money.” Even she doesn’t know why. He does manage a bank and is so money, he doesn’t even know it. 

**This is the Jason Garrett Spinach dip. It replaced the Wade Phillips turd in a punch bowl halfway through the party. 

In the bottom left corner, we have the challenger, Rob’s smore concoction. This bad boy was richer than Jerry Jones, and twice as sweet. I was a big fan and cut myself up a couple slices. In the upper right, we have Alex’s bacon pizza. It was almost gone by the time we arrived, and with good reason. It was bacon on a pizza, so clearly it was the best thing at the party. Well played, birthday girl. That was your second best move of the night. The first was putting on Stop Making Sense on DVD, which a shockingly high number of people at the party hadn’t seen.

These two absolutely delicious pizza treats were my vegetarian options, and I adored them*. On the top you see a classic cheesy pizza with the addition of what was either feta, goat cheese or some kind of chunky parmesan**. Whatever it was, it was my favorite savory slice. Right below it is a close second, though. These individual treats had fresh greens on top, melted mozzarella and either goat or feta cheese underneath that, and marinara on bottom, all contained on a tasty English muffin (I think). Yum town. 

Even though I knew we had a pizza party coming at night, I had accidentally consumed three slices of mediocre Double Down Dave’s pizza at work. I really didn’t want to. I didn’t even go up to the break room where the pizza was, but they brought a bunch of pizzas down to my break room and I’d stopped in to see the Cowboys game and three slices ended up in my mouth when I wasn’t looking. Even though I had a solid pizza base, I couldn’t stop eating all these delicious ‘zas. Thanks for having us, Alex and the Lighthouse! 

*I ate them and liked them, but thought, “this is good and all, but that one has bacon, so…”

**I’m pretty confident it was goat. (I wanted this clip to be Dwight talking about how all the meat he’d sell Robert California would be goat, but this other Dwight goat clip will have to do.) 


One Response to “(Hashtag) Pizza Party (Dot Com)”

  1. Morgan Dunarausi December 20, 2011 at 4:55 am #

    Does anyone remember when the Cowboys fired Wade Phillips midseason, brought in Jason Garrett and still won in NY with Jon Kitna at the helm Go to hell, Eli.

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