The Vinyl Wall

23 Nov

Zack and I focused a lot of our attention on the rooms in our apartment that would be visible and visited by our guests, which meant our bedroom was sadly neglected*. We did put up our curtains (and by “we,” I do mean “my dad**“), but apart from that, we weren’t really sure what to do with our space. Paint seemed out of the question, as there were far too many heavy furniture pieces to take into consideration. Then one day, I noticed two vinyl records sitting on top of Zack’s record player. They were a beautiful clear Bowie album, and a cool album by the Kinks with the band printed on the vinyl. The albums were scratched, warped and unplayable, so I was trying to decide what to do with them. Suddenly — inspiration! This is what we could do with our bedroom wall! And the project began. 

*But for some reason, Caitlin decorated the poop out of the guest bedroom (The Rock Garden) closet. There are two John Lennon posters and a Bill Simmons poster in there. It made sense at the time, I think, but yeah, the guest bedroom closet was far better decorated than our bedroom. 

**Caitlin’s dad is the handiest guy I know. I’ve already asked him for help with something today. 

We were fueled, unfortunately, by the shutting down of Backspin Records. Since they were going out of business, we knew it was time to partake in their box of rock records for $10 or $15*. We were able to find some real gems that we added to our playable collection, but the myriad Neil Diamond and John Denver records were perfect for decorating purposes (even if we’re not necessarily super proud of having those displayed).

*End of an Ear still has a ton of these kinds of boxes for a good price. 

I focused a lot on the labels on the records, making sure the colors and styles were varied, and staggered our unique-looking Bowie and Kinks additions asymmetrically, so it all looked kinda neat. I kept the records on the wall by sticking cork board pins in the middles, and made sure to line each up carefully* for what I feel like turned out to be a great effect.

*I told Caitlin I wanted to take down Wang Chung some time, and she threatened to literally kill me if I messed up her work. <3.

I sort of love that Bowie looks like an alien*/ghost being in this photo. The finished product looks super cool, and finally gives our bedroom some pizazz that’s made us fall in love with it even more. We’re vinyl nerds**, and we love it!

*Bowie is an alien

**I was playing Family Feud yesterday and geeked out when “sections at a record store” came up as a category. I was ultimately fuming when hip hop and punk didn’t make the cut, but classical/R&B made the list and country was #1! @austinvinyl forever!


3 Responses to “The Vinyl Wall”

  1. Collin August 20, 2012 at 7:45 pm #

    hi im just curious how you hung the vinyls up or what you used to keep them on the wall? moving in to my first apartment this week and wanted to do this same thing—looks great!

    • Zack August 20, 2012 at 8:02 pm #

      Hey Colin – thanks! It’s just thumb tacks! They stay up well, except for when I accidentally bump into them when I’m sleeping.


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