Making the Dublin Dr. Pepper Cake

20 Dec

Besides the 30 bottles of Dublin Dr. Pepper, which we’ve been carefully rationing out*, the big get from the Dublin Dr. Pepper tour was a cake and frosting mix. We’d been plotting on when to bake it. Caitlin wanted to do it as soon as possible. I wanted to save it for a time when we could share it with our friends**. It’s just dangerous to have a cake around. (I’m having flashbacks of leftover Halloween cake.) Anyway, we decided that it would be perfect for the Chanukah party, so Caitlin took over as our resident baker. I’ll tell this story in picture comments, since that was pretty much my only contribution, besides telling Caitlin she was waiting too long to make the frosting, while playing iPad games on the couch. I’m awesome***. Here Caitlin is, scooping the cake mix into the pan.

*I think there is an unspoken competition between Zack and I as to who will make their stash last the longest. It’s totally spoken. We keep tally marks on the box and you bragged about having one more than me already this week.

**I am not a sharer. Especially when it comes to delicious baked goods. I take the Twix approach.

***He was moral support at the end, and he usually cooks for us, so it was my turn.

When you have a stick of butter* and Dublin Dr. Pepper from a bottle, how could the result be anything but amaze balls? Caitlin melted these together to add to the frosting mix. Personally, I would have done it on the stove, but she zapped them in the microwave. I don’t know much about baking or cooking, but I think the microwave only messes things up**.

*The recipes for the cake and frosting combined called for 3 sticks of butter. We’re all going to die tonight.

**We tasted the frosting and it was magic. So eat your words (and the cake), sir.

Hmm, is the cake ready? Lemme stick this tooth pick in…

Umm, no. No this cake is not ready yet*.

*And they call me impatient. Hmmph.

Now, the frosting. The frosting is so ready. 

We didn’t eat any of the cake, but we did have a bunch of spoon fulls of this (best) frosting (of all time) after the cake was properly frosted. Even though we only got the frosting that was stuck to the inside of the bowl, it was richer than Richie Rich.

You really need to go knuckle deep if you’ve got a finger full of frosting. It’s kind of a rule. 

Clearly, Caitlin hates it*.

*No, but I hate this photo. Forever. I wish it had been posted in time for my brother’s Christmas video including terrible photos of everyone he knows. This is primed for that. Daww. I think its’ adorable. It looks like you have pretty dimples.

The last step. Frosting the cake. It was pretty hard not to have a slice or three, but we’ve got friends to feed*.

*I still vote that we pretend the cake got destroyed in a fire and hide it away just for us. OK, OK, it’s the holidays, I’ll share. A little.


One Response to “Making the Dublin Dr. Pepper Cake”

  1. Caitlin DeWeese December 20, 2011 at 1:57 pm #

    I am very much looking forward to nomming on this.

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