On the 2nd night of Chanukah…

29 Dec

I tried to tell Caitlin that not every Chanukah had to be something fancy. One day it could be something simple like three Starbursts*. She took me seriously, but couldn’t just get three, so she got me this bag. They’re currently hanging out in a bowl of candy mixed with others she got me throughout the week. Fun fact: you can eat the paper on Starbursts. It’s not great, but you can. I also eat the paper on muffins (and sometimes cupcakes, but that’s not advised.**)

*He repeated this suggestion over and over, at least 5 times, so I knew then and there Starbursts were a must-be-gifted gift for Chanukah. Initially, I was thinking I’d just tie a little plastic baggy to each gift with 3 Starbursts in each, but I couldn’t resist just giving him the whole bag. The three at a time would have been a nice touch, but considering I can barely wrap a present at all, this is more than fair.

**I don’t understand how this doesn’t ruin the flavor of the delicious morsel Zack is eating at any given time, but who am I to judge? It’s more economical with the muffin. The starburst and cupcake wrapper eating is always a bad call.

Caitlin is not a big drinker. She gets annoyed when I say that, but it’s a fact*. I’ve never seen her drunk**. I’ve seen her get fun tipsy after two strong drinks, but yeah, she’s never gotten sick from drinking*** and only been hungover once or twice ever. What she does enjoy is wine, vodka drinks (occasionally), beer (less often) and this $8 a bottle raspberry drink (any time she can find it.) They don’t sell it in our HEB, but I happened to spot one when buying latkes at the Kosher HEB. I wrapped it and hid it in the fridge in the produce drawer. I didn’t know what night of Chanukah it would come out on, but it soon became clear that night two was the perfect opportunity. Caitlin was kind of disappointed that she didn’t get a glass of the wine she’d bought (it was consumed at the Chanukah party) so what better way to make it up for her than give her something she liked way more anyway****. L’chaim!

*I do not get annoyed when he says this — it is a fact. I merely get annoyed when he assumes I will not be drinking at an event so I will be DD, every time, at every party, before he asks me. When I come home and it’s 3 hours before an event and Zack is already 4 beers in — well, you get the picture. I drove on Halloween and will cash that one in until the end of time. Also, she totally does get annoyed. I stand by that.

**I have 100% been drunk around Zack before, but he has always also been drunk so he never notices or remembers. That I’ll agree with.

***This is a thing one aspires to? I didn’t say it was…

****This is super true. I loooove Lindemans’ Framboise. It is like liquid jolly rancher. Zack was super sweet to have purchased one for me, and he gifted it at just the right time.


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