On the 3rd Night of Chanukah…

2 Jan

For Chanukah night #3, we had to open gifts and then head quickly to San Antonio to squeeze in as much family time as possible during Zack and my short two-day holiday weekend — both of us were scheduled to work Christmas day, so we packed up our gifts and headed down to my dad’s. We waited to light the menorah* until we were in front of his much-more-impressive giant Christmas tree, but we just couldn’t wait to open our presents to each other, so we dug in before our journey. *Presents > Menorah

Last year, one of my hit gifts for Zack was the game of Monopoly*. When I bought it, I didn’t even know how much he loved that particular game — I just knew we loved to play games together. This year, I had the same idea in mind. I knew I wanted to expand our collection, but wandered around Austin’s Toy Joy without a specific plan. I knew Zack was obsessed with Words With Friends, but we already owned Scrabble, so I tried to go with something similarly word-oriented. This “Wheel of Fortune” game won me over because it seemed fancy, and Zack and I also tend to play “Family Feud” together, so it had that throwback TV game show element that I hoped he would love. Although it turned out to not be the biggest hit of Chanukah gifting**, we still played it that very night and I’m hoping it grows on us with time.

*I played 5 games of Monopoly a week on my phone for a few months last year before I got really into Words with Friends. Sadly, we’ve only played about 4-5 games of the board game edition of Monopoly in the last year, and all except one game (with Caitlin’s brother) were just the two of us. Louis C.K. knows how tough a Monopoly loss is. Caitlin doesn’t take it too well, either. We really aren’t the best winners or losers, but who is?

**It’s true I’ve never been the biggest Wheel of Fortune fan. I really only like when contestants make asses of themselves (see below), but I did really enjoy our first round of games, even if the game itself is a bit cumbersome to set up. The 90’s Trivial Pursuit we found in her dad’s house has been getting far more play the last couple weeks, but I’m down to play some more Wheel. 

Zack decidedly won* gifting for Chanukah Night #3. He purchased this vinyl beaut knowing my love for the Swedish trio Peter Bjorn and John, and further knowing our lack of their music on vinyl (prior to this night, we only owned their experimental record Seaside Rock). I love this album and hope to collect all PB&J records in actual record form eventually.

*I’m not going to lie. I’m competitive enough that I considered putting a poll in each post and letting you vote on which of us “won” each night of presents, but that seemed a bit over the top, even for me. OK, I’ll take the win for night three, but get ready for Caitlin to sweep the next five nights. 

And of course, the best and quickest way to my heart — sweets! And not just any sweets, but exotic sweets from Big Top Candy Shop on South Congress. We had popped in there while Zack was shopping for his White Elephant gift* for a party we attended, and he took mental notes when I pointed out my various favorites. This giant bag** was a delight on our drive to San Antonio, and I have been picking away at it ever since, enjoying the surprise flavors. The resounding winners were cherry, blue raspberry and vanilla.

*The gift I gave was a gigantic gummy bear on a stick and bacon toothpaste. It was hard to give up that giant gummy bear. I wonder if any of our friends at the lighthouse ever used the bacon toothpaste.
**Somehow Caitlin didn’t mention that this giant bag is of salt water taffy. 


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