Pie Party

18 Jan

Caitlin and I got our dear friends Lisa and Eric a pie machine for their wedding gift. They had made a couple pies for parties we’d attended in the past, but we’d never had a full pie meal. They invited us over Friday night and we got our pie on. Look at these beauties cooling. Unfortunately, no windowsill. 

Lisa is about to top the Strawberry pie. Lisa told us she used a Pillsbury pre-made dough, and she put some lemon zest in the strawberry pies to keep them fresh and zingy. 

Once the pies were covered, Lisa popped them into the pie machine. I snapped this pic right before it closed. I like that the pie machine is right next to the toaster. If I ran the world, those two appliances would be staples of every home.

Dinner’s on! The four to the left are spinach and feta pies. I had one of those. Yum town. The other two pictured are egg pies. I’ll let Caitlin describe those since she had it. There was also an awesome onion one. The egg and cheese pie was PERFECT. I don’t know what kind of cheese Lisa used, but it was creamy goodness in just the right serving size. For dessert, Zack opted for a banana and caramel pie, and I went strawberry. I usually hate bananas in desserts, but I actually loved that pie even more than my strawberry one — it was perfectly sweet and yummy. I only had a bite of the strawberry one and was really glad I had the banana and caramel. It was a bit too zesty for me.

After the pie was consumed, we got into a lively game of “Dicecapades.” Earlier in the day, Caitlin and I had a picnic at Zilker park where we played Yahtzee! with 5 (count ’em, 5!) dice*. Dicecapades has 133! I’m not sure more dice equals more fun. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but it’s incredibly arbitrary for one, and it’s essentially a ton of mini games, and many of the mini games aren’t great. The first one we had to do was perform five impressions in 30 seconds. I got people to guess Johnny Carson, Ace Ventura, Austin Powers, one other one I can’t remember now and then I said “Aah! Monsters…” And no one had any idea what I was doing**. Neither did I. Apparently I was trying to be Lady Gaga? What is wrong with me? Welp, next turn we lost a tag team arm wrestling match to Derrick and his son (Caitlin let him win…supposedly***) and then we fell way behind. The game was cool. I wish we got more trivia questions and less random dice rolling, but I’d play it again****.

*Actually, this was done the day after pie night. I remember because Zack abandoned me for football after I whooped him at Yahtzee. No regrets. The second half of that Saints-49ers game was epic.

**Before Zack even started, someone yelled, “Jack White!” He should have just said, “Exactly!” and we would have won that round. He was not quite on his game. Then again, I didn’t even do any impressions, so I certainly can’t talk. 

***Psh. Supposedly. The kid was like 7. I think Zack and I should arm wrestle and we can put that “supposedly” to rest.

****I actually loved the game, I thought it was a blast!

There are often grocery coupons for Pillsbury and other pie-making ingredients.


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