Driskill Dinner Date

28 Feb

I tend to not have terribly fancy tastes, but there are a few things in this world that make my ladyheart swoon. I love a beautiful fancy dress, a cute pair of shoes, big romantic gestures and the Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas. There is something about its grand halls and tall ceilings that get me every time. So when Zack was asking me where I might want to share a make-up Valentine’s Day dinner with him, it didn’t take me long to suggest the Driskill’s 1886 Cafe & Bakery. I had been there twice before, and I was enchanted by fancy bread baskets and not-too-overwhelming prices; it was a very nice, but still affordable way to dine in the Driskill and make-your-own meal. Zack made us reservations for Friday night*, well before our Los Campesinos! concert, and I took the opportunity to wear a fancy dress and heels, and enjoy my man’s company and some delectable treats.

Unfortunately, the horse and carriage ride I’d arranged to take us to dinner was canceled due to rain, but my ’02 Honda Accord was a lovely chariot as well. 

We started out with a spinach dip and bread, which I thought was fairly tasty*, although I don’t love cooked spinach — I tend to like it fresh. However, it was sprinkled with enough cheese to see me taking a few bites. The bread was hard to act as a good scooping tool, but I preferred our bread basket with a variety of carby goodness, including pretzel-like sticks, soft and fresh white bread, and some flat, crispy stuff with seeds baked in.

*Generally, I prefer a gooier spinach dip, but this one was solid. I ate way too much bread. 

We ate our entrees so fast that we didn’t even take photographic evidence of its existence, but Zack had a chicken salad*, and I had a pizza-like dish made of pita bread, piled high with veggies and cheese. We tried to keep it on the lighter side, because we knew we’d want to indulge in desserts.

*I  had the cobb salad, which had some delicious chicken strips in it. I asked for no egg, though. I don’t get hard boiled egg in a salad. Gross.

Indulge we did. Although everything presented to us looked delicious, we opted for a chocolate cake with a scoop of ice cream on top, and a serving of ricotta cheesecake with caramel sauce and whipped cream garnish. The chocolate cake was melt-in-your-mouth good, with the cake part itself being light and springy, and the rich chocolate sauce acting as the perfect bath for it to swim in. There were also raspberries paired with it, fresh and juicy. The ricotta cheesecake was equally decadent, a creamy texture that wasn’t too heavy, and I had fun dipping my finger in the caramel sauce.

To counter my childlike finger-dipping, I also ordered an adult drink — “adult” hot chocolate, with vanilla-flavored vodka, Kahlua and other liquors mixed together in a devilish hot chocolate brew. This tasty treat kept me warm in the cold and rainy weather. I was definitely considering a fancy dessert drink as well, but thought regular coffee would help me digest the big meal. Caitlin was kind enough to let me have a sip.

Of course, I had to share with Zack, and he had to get himself a bit of a whipped cream mustache — it was only right.

Overall, we had a great night at the Driskill — the food was delicious, the atmosphere was unbeatable, and I couldn’t have asked for better company. I can’t wait to go back here. We still need to try the full grill part of the restaurant.

Better start looking for some travel and leisure promos!


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