Bulls-Spurs Road Trip

1 Mar

It kills me to put a trip to San Antonio in the “travel” section of Rock Love Austin, but it was quite a work-night road trip. We left straight from work at 5 p.m. and, aside from a 20-minute stop at Jason’s Deli for mediocre healthy-ish food, we drove straight to AT&T Center and it took us until 8:15 to get inside. The bulls were already down 7 points, Caitlin’s jelly beans had been confiscated at the door*, and we were hauling ass to get to our nosebleeds with a couple minutes gone by in the first. Not a great start. Luckily, we root for the best team in the world.

*I was WAY sad about this. Those things were expensive (I’m thinking at least $6 worth were forced in the trash) and really, I don’t think the security guy watched to see if I threw them away so I probably could have hid them away somewhere but I’m too much of a damn rule follower. It was a shame, I was running on 5 hours of sleep — just a disastrous combination.

This is a zoomed in, blurry picture from our seats. I guess that’s what you expect when you pay $12 each for seats, but we were happy here. We were surrounded by Bulls fans and could see the action just fine*. We’d originally planned to try to move up to better seats, but didn’t feel the need. We never left our seats once, even during half time. We even chatted up a deaf Bulls fan sitting next to us by typing on our iPhones and found out she too had moved to Austin from a Chicago suburb.

*Better than fine, I thought. The pictures don’t do it justice. I could see all of the players clearly (yes, I know the players!) and the movement was visible in a big-picture sense. Plus I loooved that we were by Bulls fans; made it much more comfortable.

We high-fived the Mexican dudes in front of us and yelled out for the bench mob and “Hot sauce!” and started “MVP! MVP!” chants for an electric D. Rose game. I won’t bore you with game details, but Rose was incredible to watch live. Early in the game, Caitlin pointed out how pretty he was to watch live, with his smooth passes and lightning quick drives. The next play, he knocked knees with a Spurs player and was writhing in pain on the ground and Caitlin feared she jinxed him*. Thankfully, he got up and played incredibly, scoring 29 and leading the Bulls to a victory over a hot Spurs team. How could someone who looks so cute in his shirt jinx the MVP**?

*This is a thing only we semi-self-important Janas-descendent women would likely think, but it is a fear shared at the very least by my mom and me.

**Boyfriend brownie points. Count it.

“We are definitely proud,” said Rose. “We came in here and played a team that plays great at home. We played together, stuck through it and came out with a good win. We came in and knew it was going to be a hard game, like a playoff atmosphere.” Rose was right. It was feisty and ugly at times, but a great road win. With the Bulls pulling away at the end, most Spurs fans started heading for the exits. Not only did that make the drive out really smooth, but it left all Bulls fans, who collected in the tunnels and started loud “MVP! MVP! MVP!” chants. I’m smiling thinking about it. Next time we’ll pony up for better seats so we can hear and see the action a little better, but for a first NBA game, it was just rosy.

Time to stock up on Bulls fanwear!


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  1. joeytwowheels March 2, 2012 at 12:44 pm #

    Da Bullssssss.

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