Scooby – King of Kong

1 Apr

We had a rough start with Scooby and his Kong toy. We filled it with peanut butter and bacon-flavored bites and he hated the peanut butter so much he didn’t eat through it to get to the Pepperoni bites. He’s basically the only dog who doesn’t like peanut butter, but he does like meat*. On try two, we got some chicken and rice flavored wet food and hid a bunch of bacon treats underneath. We left it for him when we went to Mark’s birthday Star Wars party for a few hours** and he barely touched it, but when we got back, we got to watch him go to town on it. I couldn’t help but narrate the whole thing. Note that we had just returned from a party Caitlin had to drive my car home from while you’re watching…

*Definitely more his dad than his mom on that one. Somehow I’m able to just ignore the realities of having to scoop chicken chunks and other exciting things for him.

**This party was AWESOME! Beta version of the first Star Wars movie projected onto a screen in a backyard on a summery Texas night. So much win.

We’ll have to try this five-course Kong meal next. We also have an octopus toy with a the Kong inside it. Caitlin and Scooby have a lot of fun with it, playing fetch and tug-of-war. I got a sweet video of them going at it with the toy:


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