Scooby’s Pissy Week

6 Apr

Well, the honeymoon’s over. I knew it wouldn’t be all trick-learning and fun walks forever, but it got pretty real pretty fast. It’s been a trying (and expensive) week for all three of us. Well, not expensive for Scooby, but he did end up hobbling on an injured leg so badly he couldn’t help  peeing all over himself, so he definitely got the worst of it. I guess we’ll start at the beginning.

On Saturday, we had an appointment for a quick check-up visit and ended up waiting almost two hours in the waiting room. It got pretty testy in that waiting room. Everyone says dogs hate the vet, but I think they’re just projecting. That seems to happen a lot. One time I was hanging out with this guy who kept petting his dog, saying “you’re so fat, you’re such a fatty.” The dog was not fat. The dude was. Bottom line, humans hate the vet*. I know I did. Scooby didn’t mind. I hadn’t had any coffee or breakfast and when “the doctor will be right in” turned into 45 more minutes, I turned into a total baby. The vet ended up being really great and re-assuring and gave him a clean bill of health, but I was already super frustrated (read: pissy.)

*I definitely agree that the endless wait without a real time estimate was annoying, but I was used to this from having helped my dad at the vet with our dogs all growing up, so I guess I kind of expected it. I didn’t mind at all, besides worrying about both of the guys getting antsy and frustrated. Our vet, Dr. Bates, was totally awesome and excellent with Scoobs, although Zack didn’t get to meet her until our emergency situation a couple days later because he finally got fed up and walked out to get some coffee.

Whatever. That’s normal weekend vet times, I suppose. We’re heading to Coachella next weekend, so we needed to lock down a solid place for Scooby to stay while we’re gone. My co-worker/friend Pansy offered to watch him since she has a dog and a yard and is super responsible. We were thrilled with the offer* and wanted Scooby to meet her pup to make sure they got along. The dogs got along just fine. They sniffed each other and left each other alone. What I didn’t know was that there were two cats lurking upstairs. After the dogs got along fine, we let Scooby off the leash and he found himself a cat. And went INSANE. I’ve never seen anything like it. They were just instantly on each other. It was a blur of fur flying across the hallway floor, sliding into a bedroom and then that damn cat was just suspended in air, biting and clawing at anything in sight. Pansy lifted up the cat from it’s ninja-like hovering/biting attack mode, getting scratched in the process. Scooby actually ran in place like the cartoon dog he’s named after, and we thought Scooby had escaped with just a tiny scratch on his nose**. He was cool in the backyard, running around, plotting a way to get back inside to finish off that damn cat. I took him home, we went for a walk and I put him in his kennel. Four hours later, Caitlin calls me asking what happened to Scooby after we left Pansy’s.

*Seriously, it seemed like a best-case scenario — Pansy rocks and we were very happy to save some dollars from keeping Scoobs out of a kennel.

**I actually missed this entire escapade, because I showed up 4 minutes after we said we would meet at Pansy’s so I only caught the part where Scoobs was stalking around in the backyard, trying to find a way in to destroy the cats.

At some point after I left Scoobs, his adrenaline from the cat fight went down and he was now showing the effects from the fight. Caitlin seemed really worried, saying he was limping and seemed to be in a lot of pain. She isolated it to his front right paw* and went through every possibility from him spraining or breaking his leg to a cat bite or allergic reaction. I was kind of skeptical. How could he have gotten so much worse from when I left him? He was fine. Now he can barely walk? It’s not that I didn’t trust her, she just tends to worry a lot. This girl was taken to the hospital every time she had a hiccup when she was little. It’s only natural for her to worry about her Scoobs. When I got home and he was lying next to his crate, in a lot of pain and unable to even get up for his morning walk with Caitlin, I knew it was serious. This time we only had to wait 15 minutes at the vet. They took X-Rays, found it was negative and shaved off part of his paw to discover a cat bite. That damn cat! I took a dazed Scooby home and watched so sadly as we had to take the elevator up and down from our apartment and he couldn’t hold himself up to pee well enough to avoid drenching his paw in piss. This didn’t make it to Pee-nterest.

*It was actually his elbow. Every time I’d get near it, he’d whimper and withdraw, and at one point after I’d helped him up on our bed to try to make him more comfortable, I tried to help him down and he tried to bite me because I’d hit the exact wrong spot. It was one of the saddest things I’d ever experienced — you just feel totally helpless in their pain.

In the meantime, all this stuff with Scoobs had created a lot of tension between us. It’s just tough. Caitlin was frustrated that I didn’t wait for her to get to Pansy’s for the meeting of the dogs. I was upset that she didn’t “blame” me for the fight, but thought she could have prevented it*. She was annoyed I didn’t believe how serious his injury was. I was annoyed I felt like I was being reprimanded for things I didn’t even think were wrong, when I was letting go of minor things Caitlin had done that I didn’t agree with in terms of caring for Scoobs. In the end, we talked it out with a couple long e-mails and just moved past it. We love each other. We love our dog. We love our lives together. It’s not all going to be the honeymoon. Sometimes it’s pissy. You still need to make it work.

Oh, if you were wondering what that picture at the beginning of the post is, I was walking Scooby on Friday and noticed he was peeing on a lot of things he seemed to be interested in. I tweeted, “Is peeing on stuff a dog’s version of Pinterest?” and after Caitlin’s brother and our new best friend Emily suggested “Pee-nterest,” I had to make a blog: **

*I really don’t know that I could have prevented it. I shouldn’t have mentioned that part at all. The true thrust of it was, I’d taken an extra hour for lunch specifically to be a part of the meet-and-greet, and I felt like by the time I got there, it was almost pointless for me to be there at all. And, as much as he may not believe me, I in no way blame Zack for the cat fight. How could he have known there were cats, or the situation that would unfold?

**This is all Zack. I’m not sure if I totally approve of it, but it is pretty darn clever.


3 Responses to “Scooby’s Pissy Week”

  1. Sam April 9, 2012 at 8:23 am #

    Nothing like the first time your dog gets hurt or sick to drive you crazy. Treat came with a bunch of (sort of) little issues that really stressed me out for awhile. While the honeymoon period of dog ownership is fun, it all seems a lot better when everything becomes more routine!

    • Sam April 9, 2012 at 8:24 am #

      Also, is waiting for a vet for 2 hours really normal? I don’t think I’ve ever waited more then 10 or 15 minutes. What was the explanation there?

      • Zack April 9, 2012 at 4:50 pm #

        They were just busy I suppose. Lame.

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