Record Store Day 2012 – Like Easter

23 Apr

In the Wittbloom home, Record Store Day is our Easter. Personally, I’ve never celebrated Easter, but it sure seems like it from all I know about the holiday. We wake up early in the morning on the weekend, we go hunting for little treasures of bright shiny colors and then we take a nap. I guess there’s no bunny and Jesus doesn’t come back to life, but still, it’s the best Spring holiday we have! Above is our record store day haul. We racked up over $300 in records, which might seem excessive, but it’s a timeless investment in art, if you ask me. Let’s take a peek at some of our more exotic finds.

This gorgeous tapestry is called “Flaming Lips & Fwends.” Each record is unique colored vinyl and has some incredible collaborations with everyone from Ke$ha to Biz Markee to Neon Indian to Bon Iver. You should let Wayne Coyne explain what it is. Seriously, watch that. In the middle is a pink 45 of “A Spoonfull Weighs a ton” with a b-side of the song covered by Mastodon.

We already have 3 LP’s of Sigur Ros clear live vinyl, but Caitlin can’t get enough. We’re honestly considering traveling to Lollapalooza just to see them and Jack White if they aren’t coming to ACL. This is another spectacular pressing. And, I just want to add that this was the no. 1 item I wanted to leave with on RSD. My pal Eric and I nabbed the last 2 copies before Waterloo sold out. I feel very, very lucky and will thusly make sure these get an appropriate amount of spins. Enough Sigur Ros, you say? NEVER!

Speaking of Jack, I was thrilled to get both Jack White releases. I literally had to pry the “Hand Spring” from the hands of another guy, before we realized we were fighting over two copies. It’s black marbleized on red vinyl if you can’t see clearly. And on the left is a 12″ of “Sixteen Saltines” and “Love is Blindness.” I already have the 45, but this has an etching of the Third Man logo. Thanks to Caitlin for snagging one of the last copies of this for me! Thanks for the shout out:) I was glad I grabbed it — I thought Zack might already have, but he hadn’t. I love those kinds of lucky RSD finds.

This is pretty unique/excessive. It’s the classic T.Rex album, Electric Warrior, but instead of putting out a normal 12″ 180 gram LP, they put out 6 45’s covering the entire album, that come together to form a picture of frontman Marc Bolan. Totally worth the $49. 

Speaking of totally necessary purchases, we bought the 25th anniversary edition of Graceland. We already have two copies of the album on vinyl, but both skip a lot, so we had to splurge for the new edition with a poster and everything. It’s an all-time great. Truly, this is one of my favorite albums of all time. My father spun this one a bunch when we traveled the countryside together the summer before my senior year of high school. It will always hold bittersweet, wonderful memories for me.

From top to bottom, we’ve got Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr’s “We Almost Lost Detroit” 12″, Arcade Fire’s “Sprawl II/Ready to Start” and The Tallest Man on Earth. The first two are a couple of my favorite current artists and the last one is my least favorite current artist, but Caitlin loves him and he butchers covers “Graceland,” so there you go. Ugh. So just because Zack has no interest in singer-songwriter folk artists does NOT mean the Tallest Man on Earth “butchers” “Graceland.” I think his cover is haunting and gorgeous. It’s stripped-down to its bare bones, forcing you to face the sadness of the song. I listened to it about a zillion times when I first heard it, and it is still as lovely. Plus, Kristian Matsson (the man behind the Tallest Man) is an incredible performer. I’ll just let this video speak for itself, actually.

On top we have M83’s Mirror etched 45, a couple of remixes of Miike Snow’s “Devil’s Work,” the Clash’s “London Calling” and oh, what’s this? A Leonardo DiCaprio postcard with a swan?! I’ll let Caitlin tell that story. There isn’t TOO much story to tell, apart from the fact that I was standing in line and saw this beaut amongst the rest of the postcards, and I just couldn’t pass it up. When I went to pick it up and show it off to my pals in line, the guy in front of me immediately turned and said, “I’m so glad you pointed that out, I’ve been staring at it for the past 5 minutes.” We immediately tried to guess at how this photo shoot came to be — it’s an Annie Liebovitz, of course. Did Leo just go hunting in his perfectly coifed ‘do, and this is his trophy shot? Is the swan alive (I hope) and just sleeping on what must be the strongest, most comforting set of shoulders cinema could ever offer any of us? What is Leo thinking about, with that intense stare? So many questions. And, it is worth pointing out that these moments are brought to you by record stores, which is why we have to support them and keep them alive. You don’t get magic like this by shopping around online.

I have pretty much every Who release on Vinyl, including a deluxe copy of Quadrophenia, so I scooped up last year’s first batch of demos and had to do the same this year. I even have a couple of solo albums of Pete’s that are mostly demos for Who songs. He’s the man. Oh, and I couldn’t say no to this Paul 45 even if it’s pretty run of the mill.

None of these were Record Store Day albums, but were at the top of our list post Coachella. I knew I wanted to nab all of these after catching these artists at ‘chella. The far left is the Big Pink’s new recording, which I hadn’t heard great things about, but all those not-great-things were WRONG. My current favorites off of the rolling-dance-Brit-rock album are “Rubbernecking” and “Hit the Ground (Superman)”. In the middle are Zack and my joined new favorites, GIVERS. These kids from Lafayette, LA are so full of joy that listening to their music is like putting on an instant-pool-party or running out the door and immediately into a sunny afternoon, rolling down some big hill somewhere. It is joy. Finally, First Aid Kit have been a band I’ve wanted on vinyl since the Swedish sisters’ harmonic voices first graced my ears. They’re made for this kind of visceral listening experience. If you’re new to them, start with “Emmylou,” “The Lion’s Roar” or “King of the World.”

A happy surprise I didn’t expect:  my final 2 Bright Eyes vinyls from the package I bought months ago arrived on Record Store Day. Very fitting, and a wonderful end to a wonderful day. Scooby’s paws beckoned us outside for part of our afternoon, but for those times we want to just stay in and curl up with some wonderful music, we should be covered for quite a while. It may not be the same sugar-high you get from a typical Easter, but the high we’re going to get from these wonderful artists is much more in line with what any God I’d like to believe in would have intended.


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