Every Dog Needs a Parrot

1 May

Before we got Scooby, my old friend Sam and his wife Brittany were in Austin to visit and hyped us up on the idea of getting a dog with tales of their dog, Treat. As we walked around Zilker park, playing with other dogs, Brittany mentioned that her friend had a dog. “Oh, and she has a parrot,” Brittany told us. “The dog has a parrot?” Caitlin responded innocently*. I laughed uncontrollably. “Yes, the dog has a parrot. He picked him out at the pet store, feeds him, set up his cage and everything.” It became the joke of the weekend visit and every time we talked to Sam and Brittany since then. A few weeks later, a gigantic box came in the mail from Amazon. Sam and Brittany had ordered Scooby a couple stuffed parrot toys. Life hasn’t been the same since. For Scooby. It’s pretty much the same for us, but slightly more entertaining.

*I feel like you all need to take this mental journey with me:  when Brittany said this, I did not envision the dog going to pick out his own parrot. Duh. I’m not stupid. Rather, I thought that the family had a parrot that the dog loved as his own pet, keeping it on his shoulder as he pranced around doing doggie things. A-something, a-like-a this: 














We like to make sure Scooby gets to run around and get all of his youthful puppy energy out in walks throughout the day, but sometimes Scooby has super energy and likes to run around in circles. It used to be this spastic routine where he’d run all around the apartment, jumping on beds and couches and bounding around in a hilarious manner. He still does this, but now it’s even funnier because he’s playing fetch with himself and being a mad man. 

Scooby can be chill after a long walk, and even in his chill times, he’s all about his parrot friends. I don’t know how to explain the crazy eyes in this video, but the way he tenderly holds his parrot and carries it around everywhere from his kennel to the porch to pretty much everywhere he goes in the house, one thing has been made clear to me. Every dog needs a parrot. Thanks for getting Scooby two of them, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson!*

*Seriously, thank y’all so much! He loves them like Linus and his baby blanket. It’s the cutest ever.


One Response to “Every Dog Needs a Parrot”

  1. Sam May 1, 2012 at 8:16 pm #

    Our pleasure, I’m so happy to see that he is enjoying them so much! Love the video of Scooby holding the parrot above his head. We still need to Skype and get them together for a virtual play date!

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