Pin Pals

24 Jun

We decided to go bowling the last two weekends. I feel compelled to make some kind of excuse about why we went bowling, but truth be told, I love bowling. I had about half a dozen bowling birthday parties growing up, even having a couple after I didn’t need bumpers anymore. I even took bowling as an elective in college. I didn’t learn how to put spin on the ball* and never owned my own ball or shoes or anything, but I’m always down to roll, even on Shabbos. Somer Fucking Shabbos.

*I used to ONLY be able to bowl with spin. Not on purpose, obviously, but whatever weird way I was hurling the ball down the lane, it would always spin, so I knew I could bowl close to the edge of the lane and be OK. Now, of course, I can’t seem to do that anymore. C’est la Vie.

We went to Dart Bowl (It’s just a name. Caitlin adorably thought you threw darts down the lane*) because we get half off on games for having a Passport card (work SWAG) and it’s a better atmosphere than the University lanes. Last weekend we played two games, deciding to leave on a high note, with me rolling a 177 and Caitlin topping her goal of 100 with a 107. Her potential was much higher, considering she double gutter balled the 10th after strikes on 8 and 9. We felt compelled to go back the next week instead of seeing a movie.

*This first came up when we’d been talking with some friends about going bowling with us. I was really excited to bowl, and when Zack said we were going to “Dart Bowl” I got really upset, thinking that we were doing something other than bowling. I envisioned those heavy lawn darts you can buy, throwing them forward at some kind of pin. Glad I was wrong.

The way Caitlin hits the head pin often leaves her with difficult splits. After she’d had a couple close calls at the 7-10 split, I decided to get video of her next attempt. You never know. She didn’t quite get it this time, but I sense it’s coming.

Caitlin filmed one frame and got a lucky strike. The dancing was quite mild compared to the next throw*. I ended up rolling a 140, 173 and 180 and Caitlin got a 93, 130 and 80. I feel like I really maxed out my scores with the 170s, low 180s, unless I learn how to throw a hook, but Caitlin is just scratching the surface. When she had her throw going, she could consistently get a ton of pins down and has a great strike throw. If she can just consistently pick up some spares and get her first throw down without over-thinking it, she’ll be rolling over 150 on the reg, if not more. I’m not sure we’re ready for a couples league yet, but we were both thinking about it.

*Zack loooves to ham it up in general, but especially when he’s on fire with his strikes — he’ll moonwalk, breakdance, pop & lock. I get quite the show, and it always puts a huge grin on my face.

Bowling was always one of my favorite family activities, so it’s been really fun to make it a startup hobby for Zack and me. We spent the rest of the weekend lazily around a few different waterholes in Austin — Barton Springs, the free part of Barton, and Deep Eddy. We also finally listened to my Sigur Ros vinyl, their new album Valtari, and tried to get Mistah Scoobs to swim for his first time*. It was a badly needed relaxing weekend that got us both rejuvenated for the week to come — until we go rolling again!

*with mixed results


3 Responses to “Pin Pals”

  1. Gene Teibloom June 25, 2012 at 6:59 am #

    Loved reading and viewing “pin pals.” Caitlin, a 130 is impressive… WTG! RE: the video of Zack’s strike …. you need a less gay reaction after a strike. I’m planning a trip to Austin on or about Zack’s birthday …. Dart’s!

    I also liked the Shomer Shabbos reference from the Dude. Trivia: who was the third member of the Dude and John Goodman’s bowling team? Name at least three movie or TV roles he played. Also, what actor played a bowling competitor of theirs and what role did he play in one of my top ten all time favorite movies?

    • Zack June 25, 2012 at 3:35 pm #

      Steve Buscemi, On Boardwalk Empire, Fargo, Billy Madison. Con Air, Resevoir Dogs…

      Are you joke adding Billy Madison in your top 10? B/c the “Man, I’m glad I called THAT guy” who puts on lipstick is a great role.

      • Zack June 25, 2012 at 3:37 pm #

        Ah, I misread…I think you’re talking about “The Jesus” John Turturo who played Knish in Rounders…

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