Bad Mamma Jamma at Spider House

8 Jul

The stars aligned for a trip to Spider House Saturday night, when our friends Melissa and Monte both suggested it independent of each other. I’d never been to the campus spot that Caitlin calls her old stomping ground, so we headed there with hopes for a tall, cold rita. We didn’t expect one this tall. After scanning the menu and only seeing a cucumber margarita, we came across the “Bad Mamma Jamma” described as a “32 oz frozen margarita with a shot of Hornitos & a Pacifico combined. Limit one per customer. $16.75” Clearly, I was sold on it. Caitlin wasn’t quite as sure. *I knew I wanted a margarita, and I was jonesing for a strawberry (shocking no one), so I was open to this behemoth simply because a cucumber ‘rita sounded terrible to me. When we saw the thing…cue my face.

We got two straws and I delicately carried it across the patio to our table so we could belly up to the beast. At first, it was so thick Caitlin could barely get any through the straw. To solve that problem, we let a little more beer out of the Pacifico bottle that was flipped upside down inside the Mamma Jamma. Once the tasting it problem was solved, the “let Caitlin have some before you drink it all” issue had to be resolved. She solved it by putting my water glass between me and the BMJ, so I’d be tempted to drink more of that. That worked for the most part, but I enjoyed it more than she did, so I probably drank 2/3 of it**. **Definitely an exaggeration. He had 1/2 at MOST, because he had to drive us home. I made sure I was sipping regularly to prevent catastrophe.

Taste: 6.5/10 – It’s your average frozen margarita, but with the added taste of mexican beer. It tastes a bit like the margarita we make at home, but not as thick and not as good. Just a solid frozen margarita.

Value: 7/10 – For $16.75, we essentially got three margaritas worth and a whole beer. I think we definitely got our money worth. I have a pretty strong tolerance and I felt a little buzzed from just my share of this bad boy. Caitlin opted for a chocotini afterwards and was done in by the end of that pair.

Presentation: 8.5/10 – I’d never seen a ‘rita glass this gigantic. The glass was well salted, we got three slices of lime and I enjoyed the touch of the upside down beer. Caitlin described it as frat boyish, but I thought it was cool.

Overall: 6.5/10 – Would I order it again? Unlikely. Was I glad we got it? Yeah, totally. It was fun and almost comical. 

Taste: 5/10 – This was a margarita. It was decent, nothing spectacular, similar to what we make at home and not even quite as good as what we make at home. This really earns a “5” spot because it’s exactly what you expect, and nothing more.

Value: 6/10 – I was not nearly as impressed with the value as Zack. For a going-out ‘rita, sure, you get a lot for what you pay for. But again, it’s not nearly as good as what we make at home with our blender and a Tecate, and for almost $17 we could buy a whole six-pack and some bottom shelf vodka and probably do the same thing and make twice as much, if you’re into that.

Presentation: 5/10 – I was not impressed with the presentation, either. Yes, it’s humongous to the point where it turns other patrons’ heads – that’s actually the only reason I’m giving it as high marks here as I am. It’s kind of funny. Beyond that, I found the salt to be somewhat spotty, and the giant beer bottle somewhat ugly. I stand by the assessment I gave Zack — it’s “frat boy chic.” 

Overall: 5/10 – Maybe I was just in the mood to be critical last night (don’t even get me STARTED on “To Rome With Love” or the Slaughter Lane Alamo Drafthouse location), but I just wasn’t all that impressed by size alone. That’s what this ‘rita has going for it, and as they say, size just isn’t everything.


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