Trudy’s? More Like Rude-y’s (Salty Service, Not Salty Rims)

16 Jul

Zack and I met our friend Caitlin D*. on the Twitters, and we’ve gotten to know her better and better over the past year. Two months ago, she met an adorable and sweet-hearted mustachioed dude named Kevin McAllister (yeah we know, the same name as the kid in Home Alone**, hurr hurr) and they have been dating ever since. Since Zack and I love couple friends, double dates and bowling, we figured we’d combine all three this past Friday night***. After Zack and Kevin showed the Caitlins wussup on the lanes, we decided they should celebrate their victory/we should drown our sorrows in some ‘ritas. (Editor’s note:  I totally admit I was the worst bowler of the night, but I still enjoyed myself significantly. Zack got to sport his brand new bowling shoes he bought online, and C.D. won for most entertaining bowler of the night, though Kevin was the smoothest, throwing the ball down so it would skate the edge and then curve right**** into many strikes.)

*AKA The Other Caitlin (or T.O.C.)


***We even did the same thing last weekend with Lisa and Eric, minus the ‘ritas but plus dinner.

****In other words, he throws a hook shot. Kevin’s an old pro who just left his ball at home.

Since Dart Bowl is very near Trudy’s by the UT campus, we decided that would be the perfect place to enjoy some libations. Zack and I opted for a banana ‘rita with a dot of strawberry, and a full-on strawberry. Though our service was super shoddy* and Caitlin D. ended up with what was practically sugar water instead of a ‘rita on the rocks, I thoroughly enjoyed my strawberry ‘rita.

*A waitress came around and asked for our drink orders. We gave them. Five minutes later a waiter came by to ask us to double check. After two of us repeated our order, the waitress told him “I got it!” Then they gave us a hard time about every little thing, especially The Other Caitlin’s terrible margarita that seemingly just tasted like a mix without alcohol.

Taste: 8.5/10 – I LOVED the taste of my ‘rita. Granted, I have the palette of a child and/or Leslie Knope. But still, it was sweet and smooth and very distinctly strawberry-flavored, which, as I have mentioned before, is a rarity.

Value: 8/10 – My ‘rita was only $5.50, and it was as good a size as any other I’ve had. I was very impressed by the value.

Presentation: 4/10 – This is where things get sloppy. There was no salt on the rim of our glasses – hell, we weren’t even asked if we wanted any. This was more the fault of our server than the fault of the restaurant, but FOR SHAME. This was nothing special at all.

Overall: 7.5/10 – I would absolutely drink this ‘rita again with my ladyfriends, but I’m never going to go out of my way to go to Trudy’s. I get the willies being too close to campus/students anyway, and the service was way too poor to warrant driving out here for a decent-enough ‘rita.

Taste: 5/10 – I’m not drinking a margarita to get sauced (at least not when I’m driving) but I’d like to at least taste the alcohol. This may or may not have had alcohol. I couldn’t tell. The banana taste was interesting at first, then progressively more off-putting and out of place. It was kinda cool that they put the strawberry “dot” in the middle upon request, but all it did was make me wish I got the strawberry. This was the first and last banana margarita for me.

Value: 6/10 – $5.50 is totally reasonable for a frozen margarita, but it would be cool if they put alcohol in it. They offered us a half shot of top shelf for $2 extra. That’s like offering me nachos for $6.50 but letting me know it’s actually $8.50 if I want cheese. I call B.S.

Presentation: 3/10 – No salt on the rim is a major no-no. You have to at least ask if we want it. It was a simple glass with nothing on the rim and one lime wedge.  

Overall: 4/10 No salt. No alcohol. No service. No good. Good job, good effort!


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