2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Party

22 Oct

Our pumpkin carving party has quickly become one of my favorite traditions we’ve started together. We have a handful of friends come over a week or two before Halloween, carve pumpkins, drink pumpkin beer and orange ‘ritas and have some pumpkin snacks. I like to have both hands free to eat and drink, but I enjoy watching other people carve and this year I had the added bonus of being in charge of keeping Scooby from terrorizing everyone*.

*If you shut your eyes and believed he was a wolf, he added to the atmosphere with his constant howling and barking, really.The party attendees were half new and half repeat from last year’s shindig. Eric and Lisa and “The Other Caitlin” were repeat carvers. The first new attendee was Caitlin’s brother Edward, whom she picked up on her way home from work. Caitlin bribed him with a vegan cookie*, which Edward then used to bribe Scooby to go into the bedroom so we could keep him away from the action. I didn’t know vegan cookies could get anyone to do anything, let alone bring a brother to a party and a dog into a bedroom**. Edward had recently been doing video editing for Umphrey’s McGee and Disco Biscuits and we bonded over how much the former rocked and the latter sucked. “The Other Caitlin” arrived next, after I had just finished whipping up a batch of Orange Ritas. They were the same kind we made last year with a can of frozen limeade, 4 oz of tequila, half a Tecate and a whole bunch of ice, but this year we used triple sec instead of orange liqueur because that’s what we had. Consensus was they were a bit stronger and not as fruity, but still good***.

*Multiple vegan cookies, actually. We were nomming on so much, I didn’t want him to feel left out.

**I actually ate one of the four I bought, because Vegan Cashew Butter cookies from Wheatsville are the JAM.

***Still good, for sure, but not as good. Apparently orange liqueur is a key ingredient.

Two new attendees were my college friend Bennett and his fiancee Riley. Bennett was the only person I knew when I moved to Austin, and he let me crash on his couch my first night in town when I moved here three and a half years ago. He and Riley have been in Denver the last two years, but they recently moved back, so this was our first chance to hang out with them. Bennett went for a traditional look to his pumpkin and it turned out pretty darn well*.

*We’re excited to have more couple friends to add to our list, and Riley has already claimed she’s great at bowling. Challenge accepted!

This was our first party since having Scooby, so we were pretty concerned with how he’d handle himself. He likes people, but is easily excitable, so the fact that there would be pumpkin innards, amazing cupcakes and eight of us in the living room, the odds were that he’d be a handful. We kept him in the bedroom for the first hour and then let him out while I held him on the leash for the rest of the night. He eventually settled down enough that I didn’t really have to hold him, unless someone had a cupcake out. Man, those cupcakes were amazing*.

*As a rule, the pumpkin cupcakes I made were universally loved, which I was really happy about. Here’s a link to the recipe, in case you want to whip up a batch of your own! Fair warning – you’ll have TONS of leftover frosting if you stick to the recipe exactly.


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