Happy 4th Birthday, Scooby!

27 Nov

THEY SAY IT’S SCOOBS’ BIRTHDAY!! That’s how excited we were when our beloved pup-pup turned 4 on Sunday. And how could we not be excited? He gets excited about the most adorable things, it is just infectious. I mean…look at that face!

Zack spoiled the pup a few weeks back with a surprise huge green dog toy, which has now already been gutted and ripped to shreds. But Scoobs’ reaction in this video was too precious not to share.

We went all-out for Scoobs, and even though it was technically only 11PM* a day early when we “officially” celebrated this year, we just couldn’t wait. We put an array of his favorite things on our coffee table, with his new toy in the middle, and then hid special sweet artisan dog cookies around the apartment for him to find. There’s video of him devouring the snacks but we all kind of look like goobers, so we decided to just share the above. Feel free to wish Scoobs a fabulous 4th (28th** in dog years!) year in the comments below.

*We had quite a debate on whether to celebrate at 11 pm the night before or wait until midnight, but we had things to do the next morning and he’s a dog and who wouldn’t want more birthday?

**Same age as me! For now.


2 Responses to “Happy 4th Birthday, Scooby!”

  1. Catherine Ford November 27, 2012 at 1:54 pm #

    Happy birthday to the big boi! I don’t know what was the better reaction to the green toy, Scooby or Zack’s reaction to Scooby!


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