One Year of Scooby

3 Apr

main picThere are times I feel like I can’t remember life before Scooby and at other times I can’t believe we’ve had him in our home for over a year*. I remember how nervous we felt when we brought him home, worried we wouldn’t be good enough dog parents, but as I’m typing this sentence, he just came in the rock garden and jumped up on the couch next to me, and curled up into a ball. It feels so natural sometimes, even if we do still worry about him**. We never take this dog for granted though. We always talk about how lucky we are that we found him and that he’s the perfect dog for us and I really do feel that way. He’s just the best.

*I love that Scooby makes Zack feel this way, because when we first started dating, Zack never let time get away from him – whenever I would marvel at how it could move both quickly and slowly, he’d just sort of shrug. I suspect kids will do the same thing to Zack, but exponentially more so.

**It really is a night-and-day difference. That first night, I feared for him like I would a little baby. I was concerned that he’d bump into something, eat something he shouldn’t, hurt himself somehow. Now I am far more relaxed and he roams the apartment free during the day – although I do still worry about him escaping.


From that first moment where he “chose” us by climbing into our laps and melting our hearts, to every day that we get to come home to a waggy puppy tail, Scooby has surprised us, brought us happiness and anxiety, and been a furry friend that filled a space we didn’t even know was empty. There have been some unexpected costs (see: cat bite, Zack’s feet) but we’ve been very lucky that he’s been a healthy, happy puppy for most of his life with us.

We wanted to look back at the last year of having him with a brief history in numbers and a big photo gallery with captions below.


  • Accidents he’s had in the Wittbloom house: 0
  • Accidents he’s had in Caitlin’s parents’ houses: 2 (pooped on dad’s floor, peed on mom’s wall)
  • Times he ran away from us: 2
  • Times he ran away from friends he was staying with: 2
  • Pictures Zack took of Scooby peeing on things: 45


  • YouTube videos Zack’s posted of Scooby: 12
  • Toys he’s destroyed: ~9


  • Toys he hasn’t destroyed: 0
  • Cakes he’s eaten: 1
  • Cakes he’s thrown up: 1
  • Times Scooby has thrown up around Caitlin: ~7 And let me tell you. It is just delightful to clean up.
  • Time Scooby has thrown up around Zack: 0
  • Times Scooby has thrown up on Zack: 1
  • Times Scooby has gotten in fights with cats: 1
  • Times Scooby has tried to fight cats: ~8,353


  • Birthdays we’ve celebrated with him: 1
  • Birthday presents he got for that birthday: More than we’ve ever given each other for one birthday. I was going to protest this sentiment, but…it could actually be accurate.
  • Crazed around-the-apartment runs he’s performed: ~200
  • Times he couldn’t figure out the doggy door at Caitlin’s mom’s without assistance: ~10
  • Times he could figure out the doggy door: 1 
  • Times we had him sleep in the crate: ~40
  • Times he’s chosen, of his own accord, to sleep in his crate: ~8


  • Times he’s slept in our bed: ~200
  • Times he got sick of us re-positioning him while he was hogging the bed and moved to the floor: ~75


  • Times we’ve changed song lyrics to sing “Scooby” or “Scoobs” instead of the actual lyrics: ~150 I think that’s a low estimate. I’ma say ~1,000, because I do this multiple times a day, every day.
  • Times I’ve had my bowling name be “Scoobs”: 40
  • Times I’ve used my actual name at bowling: 2 
  • Times Scooby has humped his stuffed animals around just us: 0
  • Times Scooby has humped his stuffed animals when company is over: 2
  • Times Scooby has chewed  my socks: ~50. On that note, let’s get to the five funniest Scooby pictures.

10 Funniest Scooby pictures:


I tend to leave my socks around the apartment. Scooby likes chewing on soft things. Do the math. This time I just let him go nuts with it. 


Speaking of soft things Scooby likes to chew on, his favorite hobby is chewing out the insides of his stuffed toys. He’s like the anti-taxidermist. I have to admit, watching him gut his stuffed animals gives me the heebie-jeebies because I can only imagine it’s his practice for the day he catches a cat.

wantSure, Scooby may love his toys, but nothing beats treats. That jar in the apt. office is labeled “Scooby Snacks” for a reason.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 10.55.27 PM

Seriously, just give me the treat. See the drool?

jawsI said give it to me! I call this one “Jaws.”

IMG_1874If it’s not treat time, he’ll try to get our food. He’s learned his best bet is to stay near dad’s plate and keep one eye on it at all times.

IMG_2164What? Am I not supposed to be on the desk? But the view from up here …OK OK I’ll get down.

IMG_1507I don’t know why I find this one so funny, but the way Scooby’s arm is up like he’s riding shotgun in a car just kills me.


Scooby doesn’t know much about this world, but he knows this isn’t right.

IMG_2962This picture of Scooby chewing his harness cracks me up so much, I made it my phone background for months. This is his sexy, “Oh hello there” pose. I laughed for days about this one.

Scooby: Man about town

IMG_1174The Mohawk is Scooby’s favorite venue in town. He found a discarded chicken wing right after this pic was taken.

IMG_2764Scooby really loves the park. Even if he’s one of the only pups on leash.

IMG_2760Eyyyy, you guys. Let me get off the leash for a bit. Promise I won’t run away. Unless something interests me.

IMG_1524Scooby couldn’t quite figure out what this swan’s deal was, and since he’s not a swimmer, he wasn’t about to find out.

carFirst time in the car. Certainly not the last. Hey guys- wanna roll the window down some more? Perfect.

Scooby: Friend to all


Kelsey and Heath watched Scoobs while we were in Montreal. It didn’t take long for Scooby to get cuddly with Kelsey.


Kelsey wasn’t the only one who got affection from Scooby. Wyatt caught Scooby in bed with Stella and was none too pleased about it. 
friendsScooby may have just met Alex and Ally minutes ago, but if you didn’t know better, you’d think he was their dog. His face here is just too. much.


Monte may have been more invested in his phone and Pancho, but how can you resist the Scoobs? He’s perfected the belly-rub beg.

IMG_2410Scooby loved meeting his dad’s dad, even if we scared him a bit. I think momma was the most scared when she saw this. Never again, boys.

edscoobsCaitin’s brother Edward and Scooby always get along famously. 

kidsEven these random kids at the park love Scooby.

The 10 Cuddliest Scooby pics

Photo on 11-6-12 at 10.58 PM

Scoobs is a fan of blankies, and loves to curl up with our couch throws or Zack’s baby blanket, Sheepie.


He doesn’t need a couch, either. Sometimes he’ll just pop up between your legs.

Photo on 10-19-12 at 1.03 AM

Sometimes Scooby will try to help me read, but he gets tired out pretty quickly.


“Hold me like I’m a little baby.”


Mom- if you’re gonna play on your computer, I’m gonna nap.


Don’t mind me, just hanging out on the bed by your feet.


I hope you don’t mind. I took your pillow. 


In Scooby’s dreams, he’s an Olympic diver.


Scooby Wittbloom: Bed hog.


The cutest bed hog of all time. 


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