Friday Rag & Bone – Issue #1

12 Apr

jackmegWelcome to our inaugural weekly Friday post, rounding up all of the best odds and ends we either lived through or just found on some corner of the Internet. We hope you enjoy this stuff as much as we did! Caitlin came up with the name “Rag and Bone” after the White Stripes song of the same name, in which Jack and Meg go hunting for treasures others throw away. She knew a White Stripes reference would get me on board, since we were once Jack and Meg for Halloween, and it was way better than my suggestion of “Wittbloom Witticisms.”

1. Europe Hotels: Booked!

We mentioned this on Facebook and Twitter, but we’ve got all of our hotels for our September Europe trip booked and ready to rock. The more we lock in the details, the more real it all feels. I get excited every time I look at these pictures. All we have left now is to book our trains and flight within Europe. 

 Here is a recap, in gorgeous photos:

Leonardo* Hotel Berlin (Berlin, Germany) *I’m hoping it’s Ninja Turtles themed.


Black Forest Hostel (Freiburg, Germany) They have futuristic showers!


L’Hôtel Particulier (Paris, France) All those accent marks. Kinda intimidating.


Hotel Apollon Montparnasse (Paris, France) This one’s practically the same spelling as Prince’s girl Apollonia. 

Ca' Dogaressa

Ca’ Dogaressa (Venice, Italy) This place looks so old school classy.

Ape Latina

Ape Latina (Rome, Italy) I assume they’ll have apes walking around speaking in Latin.

2. Train Quiz

You may know Train as that terrible band that sang songs about Jupiter in droplet form. Caitlin knows them as that amazing band from her childhood. We took this hilarious Train lyrics quiz. One of us got a 7/13 and the other got a 12/13. You’ll never guess who. I went to a Train/Matchbox 20 concert once and WAS MORE EXCITED FOR TRAIN. What can I say, their early albums spoke to me.

3. Now That Cher’s Dead

I stumbled upon this article in Buzzfeed about the unfortunate confusion caused by a Twitter hashtag. As odd as it was that a Margaret Thatcher hashtag turned into Cher, nothing is stranger than Cher tweets themselves.  SHE NEVER DANCED AGAIN!

4. Dog Eating Peanut Butter in a Suit

This phenomenon of people doing things and having it look like dogs are doing them is the best thing since goat’s yelling like people. Also, the dude laughing while watching really makes it. Caitlin thought it was our friend Andy giggling. I could see it. Even though it’s not Andy, I feel like whoever the guy actually is would fit in with the Zack/Andy gigglefest dynamic perfectly.

5. Sigur Ros in Austin


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