James Murphy (The Man) DJ Set

14 Apr


Caitlin and I have an interesting history with former LCD Soundsystem front-man and current DJ/espresso aficionado James Murphy. As we’ve documented before, Caitlin was playing LCD Soundsystem in her car the night we met and “I Can Change” has been our song ever since. When we decided to get a dog a year ago, we decided to name him James Murphy, when we still had our eye on a golden mix*. After LCD broke up, we made a deal that if LCD re-united in the next five years, Caitlin would buy us tickets, no matter where they played. If not, I’d get us tickets to any show she wanted**. James Murphy DJing in Austin didn’t count for the bet, but Caitlin still bought us tickets because she’s awesome***.

*A retriever or other big, fuzzy dog seems like the only appropriate type to take on the name Murphy. We considered re-naming Scoobs “Murphy” for all of 3 minutes before deciding it just didn’t fit.

**Sigur Ros in Iceland 2016, I’m comin’ 4 u.

***And Zack was lovely enough to break his “I don’t do musicians’ DJ sets” rule to join me, because he’s awesome. 

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 5.35.24 PM

To prepare for a DJ night set, I knew we needed to do one thing: get drunk. And, as always, the answer was ‘ritas. We went for a batch of regular green ‘ritas* and while I was waiting for Caitlin to get ready I polished off a mini bottle of Crown and was already feeling it when I made this Vine of myself making the first batch. I pulled up the recipe from the Halloween post and apparently I forgot to include “add the can of limeade” to that recipe, so I forgot to put it in here. Caitlin noticed immediately**, I threw the batch back in the blender with the limeade, and we were good to go. Rob and Emily helped us finish off the first batch in no time and I fired up a raspberry. Pretty soon I was too drunk to change the LCD vinyl records and I was advised to switch to water. Mission accomplished.

*The operative descriptor being “green.” You can already tell from the picture that something is not right, something is quite wrong.

**We’re pretty white, as is evidenced by my horrible, horrible sunburn I’m still wearing right now, but I knew those ‘ritas were too white for even us.

Once we got nice and drunk*, we biked downtown and expected to find a packed Red 7. Not really. We easily found Mel, Pooneh and Leon in the outer lobby and saw that inside the venue was only moderately crowded at about a quarter to 11. We hung out in that lobby area for a bit (Vine) and I drank more water before we made our way in. Whether it’s Thom Yorke or James Murphy or any other celebrity who is a musician first and DJ second**, it’s intriguing, but after the novelty wears off, it’s still just an above average DJ playing songs you don’t know. The only real difference is that 1) people really want to be close to the DJ booth and take pictures and 2) The crowd gets more engaged because they feel lucky to be there. On the other hand, you’re still at a DJ set, so people will still act like drunk tools. I was drunk so it didn’t really bother me all that much, but Caitlin had trouble getting into it for the first 20 minutes***. A 15 minute break in the lobby area put us back in a good place, though. A few old and new friends came by to say hi, we ran into Bennett and Riley and danced with them and let loose for the last hour and had a fun little dance party (Vine)****.

We still have until April 2nd, 2016 for LCD to re-unite, but until then we’ll enjoy a James Murphy dance party any way we can get it. I wonder if we’ll have James Muprhy the dog by then*****.

*I was really not that inebriated. Just loose enough to happily get my dance on.

**Actually — Murphy started out as a DJ and just put a band together after the fact. That’s why I had higher hopes for the night than Zack, I think.

***I have often too-high standards for the general population, and I’ve tried to lighten up a bit, but I’m sorry, if there is a full person’s body amount of space in front of you and you’re still choosing to dance up against me, drunk girl, you need to step away. My purse that you’re booty grinding is just not that into you.

****Because of Zack and our wonderful friends, the night totally turned around and we had a blast.

*****Answer: we will.


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