Part 1: RLA Reviews “Before Sunrise”

16 Apr

affiche-before-sunriseOne of Zack’s best qualities is that he’s a romantic at heart. He is fantastic at making anniversaries and holidays extra special, and does sweet and thoughtful things* in our day-to-day life. When he suggested that we watch Before Sunrise, he promised me it was going to be a sweet story that would get us excited for our forthcoming travels to Europe**. We snuggled up for an afternoon movie in bed, and I can happily report that Zack was right.

*Making me blush.

**I’d seen it years ago, but thought we should re-visit it since the third movie of the trilogy comes out next month and from what I remembered, it seemed right up our alley.

The story is sweet and simple, and even though it plays off of the classic “love at first sight” trope, there is a refreshing quality about it that keeps you hooked throughout*. You spend the whole day with just two characters, Celine and Jesse, and it takes you from a serendipitous moment when they meet on public transit** (sound familiar?) to their lazy day where time is suspended an they get to explore each other.

*I’d chalk it up to Richard Linklater dialogue.

**This movie really is very “us” in a lot of ways.


Jesse is a realist and a bit cavalier*, which annoyed me about him at times. For me, Celine was the centerpiece of the film. She’s adventurous in a way that I think surprises even her, and willing to suspend belief to enjoy the magic of moments that she can’t necessarily explain**. One standout moment for me was when a bum offers to write a poem for the couple based around one word that they pick, and he crafts this gorgeous love story that seemingly applies to the beginning of this relationship, and Celine is completely moved, but Jesse surmises that the guy probably has the same poem written and ready to go for everyone and just plugs the word into it. It broke my heart a bit, for the bum, oddly enough, because he seemed to really value his writing and it struck me as sad that Jesse couldn’t just enjoy something lovely instead of question it.

*He reminded me of myself at first, but after a couple instances of being kind of an arrogant idiot, Caitlin agreed with me that I’m a better guy than him. Oh, 100%. Zack is way more optimistic about the world and likes to look on the bright side.

**Now Celine on the other hand is totally Caitlin. There were a bunch of moments throughout the film that made me look over at her and be like, yeah, that sounds familiar, and smile. Also true. She’s worried about death, buys into magic, and gets frustrated that she feels stuck but also feels guilty for feeling stuck.

By the movie’s end, you do of course root for the couple to reunite at some point. They make a plan to get back together after 6 months, meeting at the same train station where they part. Before Sunset* is the next part in their journey, and I can’t wait to share it with Zack before we head off to make our own magical memories in September.

*Judging from the haircuts and time elapsed between movies, I think it ends up being longer than six months, but we won’t make you wait even that long. I watched the trailer and discovered this factoid, too. I’m very excited to see the people these two grow up to be! Click here for Part two: Before Sunset. 



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