Friday Rag & Bone – Issue #2

18 Apr


In issue two of Rag & Bone, we get into the R. Kelly and Phoenix Coachella collaboration*, Nate Robinson being Nate Robinson, a 60s bicycle safety video and a shark chasing a duck? After a rough week of national news, we could all use a few laughs. I know this made me smile to put together.

*I admit it:  Zack watched the stream of this when they did the encore viewing, but I logged out after a bit in an attempt to get off of the internet. What kind of Phoenix fan am I right now?!

I love R. Kelly. Especially “Ignition (Remix).” Caitlin? Not so much*. We both adore Phoenix**. She didn’t want to watch their collaboration. I couldn’t wait***. The first 48 seconds is just R. Kelly hype nonsense. Then the chords to “1901” kick in and the possibilities are endless. From 0:50 to 2:15 it’s a real solid remix to Remix to Ignition. Then Thomas starts singing along****, smiling so wide, from 2:15 to 2:30 and it’s 15 seconds of perfection. Then it dissolves into “Flirt” and a horrendous mixcoo, but for 15 seconds? Pure magic.

*I believed I could fly as much as any kid in elementary school when that song came out, but the dream died when R. Kelly purportedly slept with a young girl and peed on her. There’s really no coming back on my good list after that.

**My friend Melissa and I are Überfans. We traveled to New York City to see them play Madison Square Garden and were recorded cursing up a storm when Daft Punk guested. She and I actually met at a Phoenix show, and we’ve met the band numerous times (she’s lapped me by how many times she’s met them at this point).

***To be fair, it was less an R. Kelly thing and more an, I’m trying to get myself off of the internet at night thing.

****This is the part where, when I watched a video of it after, I died.

This Rookie Mag collection of PSAs kind of rules*, but the one on bike safety hits especially close to home. Especially the part about hand signals for turns at 3:20. Always signal. Even if you have a “poor old tired arm” or you too, will “leave the party.”**

*Pretty much everything Rookie does kind of rules. I still wish they were around when I was a young girl.

**My younger brother Edward actually first introduced me to this bizarre and creepy video a while back, but when I saw it re-posted to Rookie this week I had to share it with Zack, given our newfound love of biking. Right? Right.

Oh, lil’ Nate Robinson. The most intriguing new member of our beloved Bulls “bench mob,” packs a lot into his 5’9″ frame. He’s such a chucker and hot dog, but how could you not love him*? Just watch these nine seconds, where he tries to sneakily avoid tipping the ball so he can intercept it, launch a quick three, then tumble backwards in an exaggerated slide. It’s classic Nate in a nutshell.**

*I didn’t, at first. He annoyed me mostly because I missed C.J. WAT-SON! and my big, adorable Grecian Turk Omer Asik, but Nate has grown on me in a big (ba-da-tsch! Height joke!) way.

**There’s a part of me that loves it, and a part of me that wants to strangle him because it’s such a stupid hot-dog move that he KNEW he’d be called out on, but what can ya do.

And I don’t know exactly what’s going on here, but I support it. (shark chases bird) I think this is actually the definition of the internet.


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