Record Store Day 2013

22 Apr


Caitlin and I are the kinds of people who have both admitted to each other that it’s crossed our minds how we’d split our records up, if  we ever broke up. We didn’t worry about who would take care of Scooby or who would get the apartment or any of the terrible things we hopefully will never have to think about*. No, no. Our minds went to our precious records. So when Record Store Day comes along in April and our all-time favorite artists are putting out super-exclusive vinyl, we get pretty worked up about it. And with my ultimate man crush, Jack White, as the official ambassador, things really got kicked up a notch.

*I’ve totally thought about Scooby before, and I’m sure Zack has, too. But like the man said, we’re placing our bets on, “This won’t ever really be an issue.”


When you have your eye on a limited edition release, RSD can be a nerve-racking time. Waterloo opens at 10 am, but they wrote on their Facebook page that one guy was in line at 6:30 p.m. the night before for a Dave Matthews box set (that he didn’t even end up getting!). I was lucky this year that the White Stripes, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix and Cake releases I had my eye on were special edition, colored vinyl, but weren’t in high demand. I wasn’t even positive I wanted to plop down another $30 for Elephant, even though it’s my favorite White Stripes album, since I already have a clean copy of it on vinyl, as crazy as that sounds*

*It is completely crazy. I actually had to chide him into making the purchase. There was no question in my mind that Zack should come home with a special edition of his favorite album by his favorite band.


Either way, I was at ease with the day, pulling out my original RSD ’08 shirt, which Waterloo owner John Kunz clearly agreed was the best shirt for the occasion. I wish I could say the same for Caitlin. Her beloved Sigur Ros had an album re-issued on vinyl for the first time, and only 1,000 copies were available nation wide. The cashiers at Waterloo typically ask, “Did you find everything you were looking for?” every time you check out, but this was not a day to say that to everyone who checked out. 

Although, honestly, I’m glad the girl checking me out asked me. I was able to tell her no, and she was able to tell me the story about the poor Dave Matthews fan, and that cruelly comforted me, somehow. It further comforted me to hear how there were apparently only 5 copies at Waterloo at all.


Still, I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I didn’t at least try to snag Sigur Ros, so we headed to Music Mania, a record store mostly specializing in hip-hop and R&B records* who also get some of the RSD stock every year. Although we didn’t find the coveted album I sought, I found this amazing Kate Nash record that, as you can see, is SHAPED LIKE A HEART and also happens to be an amazing stripped down song dedicated to Pussy Riot, a Russian feminist punk group who were thrown in jail for their music, which is insane. This surprise find ended up being my favorite.

*They also have a section of videos labeled “Booty DVDs.”


Do I look tired here? That’s probably because I am. But you might also be eyeballing that there Jack White ambassador pin. Zack and I have agreed to share it, although I maaay have used it to taunt him slightly* after he walked away with all the vinyl he wanted. I was even wearing my Sigur Ros shirt from their recent show here in Austin, I was so sure I’d get lucky and snag a record. But hey — at least I still walked away with the Phoenix “Entertainment” 7″ with a B-side of little kids singing the bridge, and Paul McCartney’s reissue of “Maybe I’m Amazed.” C’est la vie.

*She was super taunting me with it, but I knew it was her way of venting, so I was cool with it. Plus, I knew at some point she’d tire of the button and I could wear it whenever I wanted.


Our haul wasn’t quite big enough to take down our four row Sigur Ros record display from the living room and replace it with our RSD ’13 goodies, but I love everything we got. The Elephant packaging is gorgeous enough to make me glad I splurged for it, the live “Sheep go to Heaven” from Cake is fun, both Macca “Maybe I’m Amazed” live takes are unique and first-rate Paul, early Hendrix sounds great in mono and even single-length Zappa gets funky and weird.  Even though we didn’t get everything we wanted, we did manage to spend about 1/3 as much $$ as last year, and now we’ve got this big beautiful Jimi Hendrix poster to find a home for*.**

*He’s peering into my soul with his guitar-god eyes.

**Oh yeah, I bought a typewriter. I’m that girl.


3 Responses to “Record Store Day 2013”

  1. daniel April 22, 2013 at 1:27 pm #

    I was 12th inline at Waterloo and the guy behind me got a copy of the Dave Mathews Box set. So I have no sympathy for that guy who was 1st in line. Overall it was another fun RSD day but I really want Record Collector Appreciation day for those of us that hit stores all year round.

    • Zack April 22, 2013 at 3:24 pm #

      Thanks for reading, Daniel! Crazy that the guy who was first couldn’t get his hands on the DMB box set, but the guy behind you did. How early did you get there? I’m all for Record Collector Appreciation day!


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