Friday Rag & Bone – Issue #3

26 Apr


Two weeks in a row of Phoenix? If you’re surprised, we must not have met*. I finally had a breakthrough with their new album, Bankrupt!, and it’s becoming a favorite with each new listen**. We’ve got doggy doors and outer space experiments ahead as well. Hope you enjoy!

*I’ve known Caitlin adored Phoenix since the day we met, and I loved them even before I met her, but somehow we’ve seen them a combined nine times, but never together.

**I’m not there yet, but I have a feeling I will be by the end of our Cali trip next week.


Buzzfeed presented a list of the 40 reasons Phoenix is the most adorable band ever, factually proving what I’ve always known to be true. Please, do yourself a kindness* and put a smile on your face by perusing the list. You will not be sorry.

*Oh, Winnebago man. Accoutrements, accoutrements!

Zack found this amazing video of water in space. It still didn’t convince me to ever take a trip there*. I’m already afraid enough of flying in airplanes – put me in a rocket and just fuggedaboudit. You’d have to basically drug me full of something to force me to pass out before we headed up, which I think is probably not healthy? Anyway, I’m always happy to watch videos like this, but I’ll save the gravity experiments for the experts.

*I feel like you need some backstory. I’ve told Caitlin I’d totally go to outer space/the moon if I ever got a chance. I’m not like Lance Bass serious about it, but I would go in a heartbeat.

(Click for the best doggie door ever)

We end with our dream for Scooby one day — that he will be well-trained enough* to respond via his doggy door to possible company. (Imagine a fence around the house, since he wouldn’t be able to handle an open yard.)

*It’s a funny dream, but Scooby’s too much of a wildcard. Maybe with the fence. Maybe.


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