Friday Rag & Bone – Issue #4

3 May


Don’t worry about the needle. It’s not for us. This is part of Prince’s rider, which includes “Coffee and tea setup, including honey, lemon, sugar, cream, fresh ginger root. Physician will be used to administer a B-12 injection.” So THAT’S how Prince can play until 3:30 am. This is part of an awesome series by Henry Hargreaves. They’re all hilarious, and more or less what you’d expect. Britney Spears – no class. Frank Sinatra – all class*. Van Halen – freaky**. None of them matched what my rider would be, but I know me and Caitlin would have fun making one***. In addition to our dream riders, we’ll get into little kids rocking out, dogs doing awesome tricks and Daft Punk’s pizza boy in this week’s Rag & Bone.

*Debatable. Highly, highly debatable. Frank is spinning in his grave at this footnote. 

**I liked the guy in the comments defending the “no brown M&Ms” thing as a decoy to see if venues were actually paying attention to the rider so the band would know if they could trust the sound set-up or not. I hope that’s true and they aren’t just big ol’ d-bags.

***Mine would look something like the New Kids On the Block rider combined with the Marilyn Manson rider. I’d have nigiri sushi, red bull, a bowl of fresh berries and a shrimp cocktail.

This little girl is super into Bad Brains. God, I hope our future kids are into some good music. If they’re into some Bieber/Taylor Swift equivalent in a decade, it’s gonna be super disappointing*. It’s not like our kid has to love Jack White and Sigur Ros for us to love them, but I don’t know how to finish that sentence. Kidding. Mostly.

*This is an irrelevant concern because I literally will not allow it. Although I guess you could argue Bieber is like this generation’s Hanson, and a Hanson equivalent is OK by me. But I’ll be damned if my children will listen to patriarchal crapola.

This is just perfect all the way through. Alison (Trudie Campbell) Brie Meme’ing it up with out favorite fake cake boss* and then her tumble at the end. Internet gold.

*I was given the gift forward slash curse of the second sight. CAKE BOSS!

Daft Punk may have collaborated with everyone on their new album, but only the pizza guy truly got it. “It was like they captured everything that made pizza great in the 70s and then made it their own.”

I’ve been watching all these collab videos as Daft Punk has been putting them out, and this spoof absolutely cracked me up. They got the tone just right.

Dog doing back flips! AMAZING!


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