A Long Weekend in Cali: Day 3 – San Diego Beaches & Baseball on Cinco de Mayo

9 May


Our final full day of the trip was thankfully the most relaxing of the three. We woke up in Glendale at Andy’s apartment, showered, ate some fresh fruit, cornbread and chocolate croissants that he’d graciously purchased for us and got on the road by 10:30 and headed toward San Diego. It was an easy two hour drive in Big Sir on the 101 and we got to my Aunt Tabby and Uncle AJ’s place in time to park, grab some water and start our walk into Petco stadium for Caitlin’s first ever baseball game*.

*Yep, you read that right. I’m sorry, Texas. I have disappointed you.gamecold

San Diego is known for being 72 degrees and sunny 365 days a year, but it was a chilly, rainy Cinco De Mayo this year. We all wore hoodies and jackets and Caitlin wrapped Lynae’s Padres blanket around herself to stay warm. My cousin Jon has season Padres tickets and we chose a game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, knowing it wouldn’t be the toughest ticket and he could get us six together. I wasn’t sure how Caitlin would feel about a baseball game, being fairly new to the game, but she was all about it. The usher gave her a “My First Game” pin* and she got a squishy ball and was treated like a princess. We saw back-to-back homers, taught Caitlin phrases like double play and the specifics of a strike out and how the seventh inning stretch worked**. It was a lovely day at the ballpark, even with the chilly weather.

*It was like my 16th birthday at Disney World all over again.

**Spoiler alert: There’s singing, y’all. Also good to note, it’s named the “seventh inning stretch” because you are literally supposed to stretch your limbs. Amazing.


After the game, we headed up to Tabby and AJ’s for a few minutes to recover and look at some amazing old photographs of Zack and his family. Then we all split up as Zack and I headed for the beach. We were crazy to trek out on a cold and rainy* day, but we would have been crazy not to make at least one pit stop to walk along the sands. It was a requirement of the weekend for us, and even though on the drive over I began a sneezing fit that was unpleasant for everyone, we trudged through it and got to the salt and the sea and the waves.

*It rained progressively harder as we drove to the beach only to stop as soon as we parked Big Sir.


Almost instantly upon setting foot on the sand, my allergy-cold cleared up long enough so that I could enjoy a beach walk with my dearest man. We held hands, played in the sand, ran toward and away from waves, got grossed out from seaweed on our feet (maybe that was just me), and managed to get airborne for the above beachy photos. We took our time there, watching beginner surfers get disappointed at a lack of good riding waves and letting our feet sink in as waves splashed into the sand around them. It was a lovely moment and a perfect kiss-off to the California atmosphere, and even though the moment we started heading back to the car my nose ran like it was in a race*, that section of time by the beach was a perfect gift from the universe.

*Caitlin was sniffing like she had a coke problem and when she stopped sniffling for even a second her nose ran like a faucet. Poor thing.


After the beach, we headed to Jon and Lynae’s house for a Cinco De Mayo feast. Jon and his buddies cooked up a full spread, the works really. Home made  rice and beans, guacamole, fish tacos with fresh tortillas and quesadillas, all of which were delicious. I ate everything, except the bat signal. It was good to hang with Jon and Lynae and get to know their friends better*. One of the guys co-owns a fantasy football team with Jon in the league I’m commissioner  (and  champion) of, so it was good to talk a little smack and put a face to a name. We all pretty much went into a food coma right after eating, and plopped on the couch to watch some “Anchorman” and “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and relax before a quick game of table shuffleboard** and crashing in Jon and Lynae’s luxurious guest room.

*I am in total agreement here, and only care to add that I was so disappointed to be feeling so crappy that I ultimately hid away in our guest bedroom for much of the evening, trying to pull myself together. Lynae acted as the perfect caretaker, bringing me Zyrtec and a laptop and water and basically anything I could ever need. She and I still need a true hang-out; the trip was just the tip of the friendship iceberg for us.

**I did not partake in shuffleboard. I went straight to bed, like a wimpy wimp.


We woke up before 6 a.m. on Monday, had a smooth car rental drop off*, and got back on the plane to head back to reality in Austin. For Caitlin, it meant an ACL taping of Phoenix** and for me it meant heading directly to work as soon as we landed. It felt good to be back (especially once we picked up Scooby), but I know that all this week my mind kept drifting back to that drive down PCH, the amazing friends and family we were happy to see, but wish we saw more of, and the beaches we only had time to dip our feet into***. It was an incredible whirlwind vacation, but next time we’ll have to pick one place and really jump in, instead of just dipping our toes in****.

*The smoothest! I highly recommend Alamo if you’re looking to rent a car, we had a truly great experience with them and they didn’t overcharge us horribly on the missing gas from the tank.

**So not exactly back to reality for me. I found out after landing in our layover city of Dallas that I’d won a press pass plus one to the taping, and decided that despite my exhaustion, there was no way I was missing one of my favorite bands when I had a pass.

***Too true. It’s been a tough wake-up call being back, but the memories have kept me smiling all week.

****Great plan. Perhaps a trip to Europe?


2 Responses to “A Long Weekend in Cali: Day 3 – San Diego Beaches & Baseball on Cinco de Mayo”

  1. Kay June 21, 2013 at 10:50 am #

    I have heard that the beaches in San Diego are absolutely beautiful! It sounds like you had a great long weekend. Thanks for sharing the stories from your travels!


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