Friday Rag & Bone – Issue #5

10 May


Did you notice something besides the awesome beard? Wait for it … Yeah, that’s two people. There’s a couple more of these in the set. It’s funny, high school friends like to say Caitlin’s my beard. I’m just kidding. I didn’t have friends in high school*. Anyway, here’s a bunch of  gifs and videos of the Bulls, because other than our vacation and writing about our vacation, that’s what I know I’ve been thinking about**.

*Ba-da-tschhhh! (Me either.)

**Me too, for the most part.


After the Bulls somehow won game 7 in Brooklyn, we’re now facing the unstoppable Miami Heat and their miserable bird flipping fans. In game one, the Bulls found a way to beat Miami, even without D. Rose, Deng and Kirk. So, eat it Miami nut jobs. Full disclosure: the Bulls lost by almost 40 in game two, Noah and Taj got kicked out and there were a lot of fights.*

*Not proud of that. I prefer respectful players. But I still do love my Noah. 


Now Deng is probably out the rest of the playoffs with complications from a Spinal Tap that made him lose 15 pounds in a week, and the Bulls may not win another game this season, but at least we have Nate:

L’il NATE!

OK, one more non-bulls thing. Bill Simmons had a hilarious bit on Jimmy Kimmel last night where he described how he told his daughter a white lie to get her to hate the Lakers. I have a feeling Caitlin will be cool with me pulling something like this for Rosie.

I’m open to a white lie like this. I usually would say, honesty is always the best policy, but honestly, Kobe Bryant probably does hate golden retrievers ’cause he’s a jack-a-hole.


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