From Go-Karts to Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Jr.)

15 May


There wasn’t an explicit discussion, but after such a jam-packed first day of hanging out around Austin, it felt universally agreed upon that we’d all sleep in as late as we wanted and get up leisurely. We woke up sore from our Go-Karting, making us all feel a little bit older than we’d hoped* (and, the boys had horrific bruises on their backs from being bumper-car’d into the whole time), so we decided to fight this feeling with a healthier lunch. We headed to Whole Foods to grab some sushi and treats, and then wandered around that area, hitting up Waterloo and Book People, where I invested in a tin Beatles lunchbox that I now use for my work lunches.

*It’s sad how much easy it is to get bruised and sore muscles in your late 20s.

pinpalsWe contemplated swimming, but even though it was warm, it wasn’t quite warm enough to justify the 68 degree waters of Barton Springs. So we headed off to bowl a few games, and I managed to broke 100 in both! We had a good time trying to improve each throw, and Brittany was able to break her no-strike streak with two at the end of the second game. Sam, on the other hand, was plagued with a series of only being able to get 9 pins, and he ended his second game on an appropriate score of 99. I rolled a 179 and 143 and could never string two strikes together, but my spare game was tight.


What I imagine Zilker looks like to Scooby. I can’t imagine he sees the skyline. I think it’s all dogs and trees to him.

We grabbed Scooby at that point and decided to take a stroll through Zilker Park. It was a nice jaunt*, and I even got a free tiny cupcake (they follow me wherever I go, I swear) before promptly stepping in some dog poop that was so squishy it shot up and got on my leg. This was the deciding factor for me that I was going to take a shower before we headed into our night.

*Me and Sam snuck in some football toss, my favorite thing.


When we all got showered and beautified, we headed to the Driskill for some tasty and semi-fancy dinner. Everyone enjoyed their meals, although the highlight again seemed to be the ice cream sandwiches we nommed down for dessert. Then it was off to a magical world of lights, bubbles and colorful animations while we rocked out to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr*. It was a peppy, dancey way to round off our weekend with the Nelsons, and we had an absolute blast.

*These guys are just getting better and better. I could say the same about our visits with the Nelsons. Next year in Indy/Bloomington!



2 Responses to “From Go-Karts to Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Jr.)”

  1. Sam May 16, 2013 at 6:42 am #

    We can’t wait to have you guys in Indy! I have It’s A Corporate World heading our way right now, pretty excited about it.

    • Caitlin May 16, 2013 at 7:15 am #

      That is awesome, Sam!! I hope you love the whole record:) We’re excited to finally pay y’all a long-overdue visit/I am excited to pupnap Treat from you oh wait what nevermind.

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