Friday Rag & Bone – Issue #6

16 May


This picture from the set of “Anchorman 2” gets me all kinds of excited*. The cast list on IMDB has everyone from Jim Carrey to Harrison Ford and Sasha Baron Cohen, and now Kanye? This week’s collection is just as all over the place. We’ve got Ryan Gosling refusing cereal, a stubborn kid with a seatbelt, a puppy failing at catch and a great DFA doc. Oh, and in case you were living under a rock, the “Space Oddity” from outer space** was amazing.

*I have never been the biggest “Anchorman” fan but this photo is killer.

**Best. Astronaut. EVER. He’s now my no. 2 fantasy uncle, with Tom Hanks still coming it at no. 1.

This one’s a bit old too, but it’s Gosling! Refusing cereal! Let’s be honest. I demanded that this be included because a) I hadn’t seen it before this week and b) it is hilarious and adorable and why is it adorable you ask oh let me tell you BECAUSE IT’S RYAN GOSLING.

Speaking of adorable, puppy wants to catch, but it takes time to learn. I think it’s important to note here that I hadn’t read this sentence before I wrote the pink, above, about Gosling, and my pink above did not exist when Zack wrote this sentence. We’re in each other’s brains now, people.

Who is this girl, drunk me? When I showed this video to Zack, this was his G-chat response, and I responded, “Well, you just wrote the Rag & Bone description of this video.”

Oh, and this DFA (LCD Soundsystem record label) 13 minute doc narrated by Marc Maron is awesome. Seriously. Worth every minute. It’s hilarious and amazing and makes me want to be a fan of every musician ever because it’s so much fun to be a fan.


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