Friday Rag & Bone – Issue #8

31 May


This week’s R & B is mostly stuff that I found surfing the internet, considering I bombarded Zack with about 10 emails* just yesterday. It was a week where I was able to find appreciation for the day-to-day, which is easy to do when people create a little whimsy like the brilliant folks driving the car above did. It was a week of discovery (especially for Tim Duncan and a piece of pizza), a week of achievement (especially for a dog), and a week that, even though it was shortened by Memorial Day, seemed extra long. Hopefully these tidbits from the web will speed you on toward your weekend!

*One benefit of working at 7 am is that Caitlin gets to all the good Internet first. That’s one thing I miss working nights.

It’s OK, Tim Duncan. We all forget sometimes. I still want to know what was actually going on in Timmy’s head here. 

Anamanaguchi is an 8-bit band my brother loves more than any other. It’s easy to see why, when they send a SLICE OF PIZZA TO SPACE. The video is crazy long. I just skipped ahead until the pizza was in space. I suggest you do the same. I completely disagree. This song rules.


From Reddit: “Last night, my university gave an honorary master’s degree to the service dog who sat through every one of his owner’s classes. He dressed appropriately for the ceremony.” Scooby, you’ve got a lot to live up to. I don’t think Scooby could make it through school yet. He’s too impatient. Older Scooby could rock it though.


We’re off to Barton today, and hopefully we’ll enjoy it as much as this baby elephant enjoys his beach time. Baby elephants are way cuter than they need to be. I want to wrestle this one in the sand.

We leave you with the most appropriate send-off I can think of:  A collage of all of Bill Hader’s impressions he ever did for SNL. It’s hilarious and bittersweet all at the same time. This clip has EVERYTHING.


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