Friday Rag & Bone – Issue #9

7 Jun

rain windshield

This is not a photograph. This rainy traffic image is oil on canvas*. Pretty spectacular, and there are 26 more. It’s kind of the exact opposite of my attempts at “Itch-A-Skitch.”

*This is definitely my favorite. I’ve always loved rainy-day scenes — I think they’re comforting.

We clearly can’t get enough of the Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight franchise, so please don’t talk and watch ’em already. I love that they filmed this Alamo PSA in Austin! I probably have watched this about 50 times at this point. My heart swells, every time.

Check out Itch-A-Skitch: For all the times you long for the nostalgia of Etch-A-Sketch and the frustration of not being able to draw well. Zack commissioned me to do the Rock Love Austin banner on the Itch-A-Skitch, but alas, I just couldn’t make it happen. These things are difficult!

We need to teach Scooby to role play like this. All he currently does is look annoyed when we spray him with a water bottle if he’s acting up. Actually, let’s be real. All Scooby needs to do is smile to melt my heart. I’d put him in a baby swing like this dog Caitlin found if I wasn’t worried he’d squirm out and run away. Scooby is definitely perfect as he is. I’m content to just play with him by playing Zack’s Scooby vines over and over and pretending to mouth the words myself to confuse him (he gets very, very confused).


Caitlin e-mailed me this saying “I know you’re not a *huge* aquarium person, but…” I don’t recall ever making any kind of statement on aquariums, but for the record I think these are awesome, and I’m a fan. In fact, I’d totally go to the new Austin one set to open soonishWell color me wrong. Glad to know that fish are not out of the question.

And if there was any doubt, OK Go are still the best at music videos. And the best at being a band I want to be friends with.


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