10 Jun


Season two of the ATX Television Festival was in Austin this weekend, bringing the casts of Boy Meets World and Friday Night Lights to Austin*. They even had a live podcast and screening of the season two premier of my favorite thing ever, Comedy Bang Bang. I’d love to say that we made it to the BMW or FNL panel, but aside from Caitlin catching the CBB podcast**, we ended up missing a lot of our favorites due to scheduling. We did see Buddy Garrity, Shawn Hunter, and Bill Haverchuck walking around. I even got my picture taken with the wildly talented Paul Scheer, star and creator of “NTSF: SD: SUV::”, which we went to a marathon screening of.  

*Although, truthfully, if we count extras, the majority of the FNL cast lives here.

**I went to the podcast taping for the team. I’ve been holding off on saying too much about it because it’s going to be posted online soon, but it kinda had everything: audience participation, audio that kept messing up leading to a very frustrated Scott Aukerman (Hot Saucerman), Vin Diesel’s brother Bill Diesel (not Billy, because Billy is his son), a squirrelsnake, and a rousing game of Would You Rather (Would You Rather be in a buddy cop movie with Donald Trump for the rest of your life, have a family of spiders living in your ear, or be bitten by a squirrelsnake?)

Even though neither of us had seen the show, this trailer was all we needed to convince us to buy tickets of the CSI/NCIS parody*. I’m a huge fan of Paul Scheer from “The League” and got Caitlin into his “How Did This Get Made?” podcast** and had no doubt it would be hilarious. In addition to a few episodes of NTSF:SD:SUV::, we got a few never before seen “Human Giant” skits, a sneak preview of other projects and a couple episodes of “The ArScheerio Paul Show.***

*I’m not sure how totally convinced I was, simply because I don’t like watching people get stabbed and exploded and things like that. But I do like to laugh, so I hoped the benefits outweighed the risks.

**THIS, now, is my favorite thing ever. It’s hilarious, and there are rumors that Paul and co. will bring it back to Austin sometime soon for a live taping. Sign. me. up.

***What we did not get, to my great disappointing, was June Diane Raphael. I adore her both in the “How Did This Get Made?” podcast, and as Julie from “Burning Love” season 2, and just in general. She seems like a total sweetheart and I hoped to befriend her while Zack talked up Paul Scheer at the after party (which (SPOILER!) we did not attend).

The concept is that Paul Scheer re-enacts bizarre Arsenio Hall Show celebrity interviews word for word. The one with 2-Pac above is so insane I had to watch the original to compare and it truly is identical. Surreal. I really enjoyed 90% of the skits and clips they showed us, and when they’d come on stage to joke around in between the clips, it was even better. Scheer was an awesome host and Martin Starr and Brandon Johnson were solid. We did miss June Diane Raphael, though. The screening let out after midnight, and we’d been away from Scooby since before 5, so we headed home, thinking we’d rest up for the next morning’s Comedy Bang Bang screening*.

*SPOILER! We didn’t make it to this, either. We’ll tell you why tomorrow.


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