Danny & Nikki come to Austin

11 Jun


We really had every intention of making it to the Comedy Bang Bang Season 2 Premiere at the Alamo Drafthouse. We set the alarm for 9:45 to give ourselves enough time for showering and ready-getting. We didn’t go to the NTSF:SD:SUV:: after party, in hopes of getting some much-needed shut-eye. And yet, when the alarm tolled early the next morning, we struggled. I felt a cold coming on, with a horrible sniffly nose, and I could just envision falling apart later that day when we were supposed to pick up our friends from the airport. I started to lean toward sending Zack on alone*, but he was a gentleman and decided the two of us sleeping in would make for a more relaxing morning**.

*If it was a live show, I would have seriously considered it, but it was just a screening of an episode of the show that will be out next month anyway.

**And successful night. Bar hopping is no fun if you’re exhausted.

This was much better preparation for hanging out with Danny and Nikki. These two flew in from San Francisco, kicking off weeks of historical travel across the Southeast and Eastern coast. Danny went to grade school* with Zack, and I got to meet both him and his lovely fiancé Nikki when Danny and Zack were groomsmen at the Walton wedding. We had been very sad to miss them** when we were in SF, but were very excited to show them around our hometown instead.

*And overnight camp

**Though we did get extremely helpful brunch and driving directions from Danny.


After lounging around with Scooby in the apartment, we got ourselves ready for a long night out and about. We walked from our apartment all the way to Pelon’s, the Tex-Mex restaurant across from Stubb’s with the margaritas that JUST.WON’T.QUIT*, and all enjoy some greasy, tasty, filling dinner together in the air conditioning.

*I wanted to try the Sangria ‘Rita, but I ended up with the Sangria instead, but had no complaints. I prefer Vivo for tex-mex in Austin, but the location was ideal for the nights plans.


By the time we headed out of the restaurant, the evening had cooled down to be very, very comfortable, which was a pleasant surprise. We had time to kill and very full bellies to walk off, so we decided to head over to the Congress bridge on foot to see if we could see those bats that everyone seems to be so fond of. What we learned about the bats was, nobody waiting for them is ever really truly sure about when they will make their appearance, and riiiight when you want to leave seems to be when the sun really goes down, bidding you to stay just five more minutes* so that your wait is not in vain.

*You’ll end up saying “just five more minutes” at least three times.

We waited and waited and lo and behold, from our spot on the grass off to the side*, the bats began to appear in droves. It was really hard to see them, since they’re black and it was dark, but if you focused your vision on one spot you could see their hundreds of flitting bodies heading off for dinner. Nikki aptly described our side of things as trying to see the image in a Magic Eye, while Danny made the hilarious observation that, wouldn’t it be incredibly stressful if, whenever you woke up every morning, you had to sprint to breakfast among thousands of other people so you could get your food, while hundreds of large onlookers stood around laughing** at you? Yeah.

*I made the executive decision to have us move from four rows of people deep standing on the bridge to a comfortable spot sitting on the grassy hill on the side of the bridge. That and talking about the engaged Danny and Nikki’s wedding plans made the wait far more bearable.

**This sounds like my nightmares about the triathlon.


After the bats, we were ready for more libations. Danny and Nikki prefer beer ueber alles*, so we headed to the Gingerman to enjoy a variety of Texas beers (or, in my case, a variety of things that taste like candy**). We joined up with Danny’s couple friends, and then a pair of our friends met with us too, so that we had  a solid group going before all was said and done. It was an excellent day and allowed Zack and me to once again be Austin tourists*** and see some sights we hadn’t seen in quite some time. We already miss Danny and Nikki and can’t wait to see them for Zack’s high school reunion in November!

*Apparently this means “above all else” in German. That may come in handy in September.

**Caitlin went for her usual Lindemans Framboise and followed it up with raspberry cider, while I had Danny try the Austin Beerworks Pearl Snap, 512 Pecan Porter and Fireman’s 4.

***We even took them on the walk all the way down Dirty 6th (Vine), but didn’t join them in the four-hour line for Franklin the next morning.


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