Friday Rag & Bone — Issue #10

14 Jun

We are in the thick of summer, meaning road trips, festivals, and other merriment* are officially upon us. Thus, this week we feature festival crowds being more or less awesome, adventures from around the world, and of course, some sports. Above, my favorite of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities reading mean tweets.” Greg Anthony & Deandre Jordan**‘s are my favorites.

*Lake house this weekend!

**I prefer Metta World Peace, because I’ve sent harsher tweets to him. He’s just the worst.


They may be goofy, but there’s something to be said for the World’s Largest Spoon and similar roadside attractions. ModCloth rounded up a bunch in this throwback post, and they got me hankering to grab a convertible and seek out the weirdest* across the U.S. at some point.

* There’s enough naturally beautiful things out there that I think it’s a waste to stop at “World’s Largest ___,” but I’m sure I’d pose for a pic if one wasn’t out of the way. If you want road trip inspiration, Rembert is going to be blogging his all summer for Grantland.

Or, if I’m ever feeling really adventurous, perhaps I could go scuba diving with Zack to check out these eerie-but-amazing underwater Egyptian ruins. I’m hopeful that we go scuba diving one of these years. I went in my teens and loved it.

I don’t appreciate the racist comment kicking off the video, but I do love people coming together in a really shitty moment to make the best of it and crack each other up. With anything R. Kelly related, there’s going to be something terrible alongside something incredible.

Our Green Day crowd during SXSW also sang along in a big, heartily drunken manner to Bohemian Rhapsody, but not quite to this extent. Pretty damn amazing. Oh, our SXSW crowd was nothing like this gloriousness.

I’ve never gotten to rave with Gandalf before, but this is exactly how I’d picture it going down. I’m instantly sad I’m not at Bonnaroo.


And, finally, proving Scooby and his furry brethren are always on our minds, even during the summer months — here are a lot of dogs making horrible mistakes. Aside from running away and running into my leg, Scooby’s biggest mistake was messing with our friend’s Cat and getting owned.

Oh, and MACCA on Colbert was the best thing ever.


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