Scooby gets sick as a dog

17 Jun

scoobsickWe woke up all kinds of hungover Saturday morning, but pounding bottled water and some amazing Charles breakfast tacos helped what ailed us.  We laid around reading magazines and hanging out for a bit* and then all decided to get swimsuited up and headed down to the water. I blew up our tubes, loaded up my water gun and helped Caitlin down the rocky path to the lake**. We spent a couple hours drinking in tubes, floating around and loving life in the sun. Caitlin headed up about a half hour before me, but as I pulled on my sneakers to head back up, Caitlin yelled down from the porch “Zack! Get your shoes on. We have to go! Scooby’s sick!”

*And I had my first ever “Lady Beer,” aka champagne mixed with lemonade. Delightful.

**It was a treacherous path, but Zack did his best to assist. I got frustrated because he tends to move at a much quicker pace than I do, but I finally figured it out and made it into the water.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 9.16.57 PM

I was full of dread as I climbed back up the rocks. There are few feelings worse than knowing something’s wrong, but not knowing what it is. Caitlin was busy packing up the car, but stopped to show me the text from our dog walker saying Scooby had bright red blood in his stool, was vomiting and had several accidents in the house*. We called her immediately and she gave us tons of info. Despite all the vomiting and blood in his stool, he was still acting normally and even eating his food. Oh, Scooby. She suggested we take him to the vet that afternoon/evening and even looked up a vet that was open past 6 pm on a Saturday for us. Tamara, the owner of Moxie’s Pet Service in Austin is wonderful. She couldn’t have been more helpful at all points of the process**.

*I cannot even begin to describe the horror when I checked my phone and saw that text message. I didn’t check right after getting back up from the lake — I took a leisurely shower first, got dressed, and then just flipped my phone on to see what time it was. I saw I had a missed call, a voicemail I couldn’t access because of bad service, and that text. I began to hyperventilate, near tears but unable to breath deeply enough to actually cry. I fumbled around for a moment, trying to figure out how to do anything, and then started grabbing our stuff to throw in the car.

**She is a saint. She even cleaned up the accidents in our apartment.

healthy scoob

The 90-minute drive home was a bit nerve-wracking, but Tamara texted us this pic to let us know Scooby was still all smiles.What a champion. Even with all the information from Tamara, we didn’t know what condition Scooby or our apartment would be in when we got home. We tentatively walked in and were more than pleasantly surprised to see Scooby wagging his tail and that Tamara had cleaned up all his messes*. Still, we had to find out what was going on with him, so we drove 20 minutes to an animal hospital in a gigantic PetSmart and got him to a doctor. His vital signs were normal, but there was bad bacteria in his stool test and they could tell something wasn’t quite right. We’re pretty confident it was a chicken bone he ate on a walk that was bothering him. They gave him a shot and sent him home with meds and special food to take for the next few days.


Dog with headache

We took our pup home as he did his normal routine of sticking his little head out the window in the car and generally acted like himself. He hasn’t had one accident or vomited since and he’s acting normally, except for a little bit less energy and the fact that he doesn’t want to drink water. For now we’re feeding him ice cubes and adding a little water to his special wet food. Once we realized he was going to be OK, our energy went from concern about him to concern about how we lost 5 hours of lake house time and had a $300+ vet bill to split*. But that’s life. The important thing is our guy’s going to be OK**. And when we got home, we watched the crap out of “The Lion King” because duh***.

*The vet bill was the worst part. It and a few other surprise expenses this week have left Zack and I broke, broke, broke. (Or at least a little bled dry.)

**Too true. Plus, we serendipitously were offered a free carpet cleaning by our apartment complex for this Friday, so our carpet might stop smelling like sickly buttered popcorn. And yes, every time I try to type the word “popcorn” it wants to come out “poopcorn.”


***We have decided our official RLA Power Rankings of the Lion King characters are as follows:

1. Rafiki (DUUUUUUH. A-sanna-manna-squash-banana.) I tried to debate it, but every second he’s on screen is gold.
2. Mufasa (James Earl Muthafuckin’ Jones) He’s the king. Kind of a snub that he’s number two, but Rafiki rules. Look *harder.*
3. Simba (Both JTT & Matthew Broderick incarnations are solid dudes. Scar really did a number on him.) 
4. Nala (Strong female character. She doesn’t let Simba get away with shirking king responsibilities.)
5. Timon & Pumbaa (they are only amazing together; apart we agreed they’d fall quite short in the rankings.)
6. Zazu (That bird is kind of a pest, but he has a tough job to do.)
7. Sarabi (Who? Oh, Simba’s mom. Harsh that she ends up only one above the Hyenas, but she’s kinda forgettable.)
8. The hyenas:

  • Whoopi Goldberg hyena: She’s clever and funny. Let me never say that about Whoopi again.
  • Cheech Marin hyena: Totally unforgettable and still a dick.
  • Ed: The idiot one. What a dumb cock-eyed piece of crap.

9. Scar: What an evil, evil bastard. His one goal of becoming king is to let the hyenas take over? What a tool!


4 Responses to “Scooby gets sick as a dog”

  1. hebchill June 18, 2013 at 5:34 pm #

    Glad your pup is OK… I think I might have to try one of these lady beers they sound amazing.

    • Caitlin June 20, 2013 at 8:59 pm #

      I cannot emphasize enough the awesomeness of the lady beers. So smooth, so refreshing.

  2. MoxiesPetService June 22, 2013 at 2:28 pm #

    Hi guys! Scooby scarred the sh!# out of me! I couldn’t believe all the vomit and poop! Sorry we ruined your relaxing day! Sounded loads off fun. But better safe than sorry and I’m glad the apartments are cleaning your carpets for you! Serendipity.

  3. MoxiesPetService June 23, 2013 at 1:40 pm #

    Reblogged this on MoxiesPetService and commented:
    Thanks for the kind words. Just wanted Scooby to be okay. Cleaning up its all a part of the job. Half a trash bucket worth of it!

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