The Lighthouse at the lake house

17 Jun


Photo by the lovely Morgan

Our friend Rob, one of the O.G.’s of our group of friends we collectively call the Lighthouse, turned 30 this past week. To celebrate, he decided to invite a crew of friends* out for a weekend at a lake house in Burnet. An hour and a half drive seemed like nothing for a weekend jaunt, until Saturday … but we’ll get to that in tomorrow’s post. Friday, we eat, drink**, and be merry.

*It was a great group, with about 20 the first night and a batch more coming Saturday. The lake house was big enough for everyone to get a bed.

**Especially this one.


We found this mix by the CD player when we showed up, with “I’m in Love with a Stripper” as track one. Game on.

As basically anyone who knows me will readily attest, I am not what you might call a “party monster,” so I did have some concern that a full weekend of living the Eddie Murphy’s Girl lifestyle might be too much for me. Luckily, there was a “quiet people” guest house that was separate from the main party palace, and since Zack and I had all of Friday off, we headed down to the venue before anyone else* to scope it out and claim our “quiet” space.

*Way before anyone else. We got there at 4 p.m. and no one else showed until 7:30.


Caitlin did well on this make-shift sign to let everyone know this was indeed the house.

When we first arrived at the house, we didn’t actually know it was the house. It wasn’t numbered*, so we actually passed it up at first, going much further than we needed to down a way-too-skinny road, much to my growing annoyance. We rang the doorbell to the house just to be sure that we weren’t going to walk in on an unsuspecting family, and ultimately decided that we were in the right place. As soon as I walked into both the guest house and the main house, I turned on fans and air conditioning to ensure we wouldn’t all die of heatstroke. Sadly, the A/C in the main house had frozen over when we arrived** so it didn’t work all evening. We managed to survive on all of the fans and a thankfully forgiving cooler Texas evening***, but were also very relieved when one of the house owners came through the next morning to fix the A/C for us again.

*Seriously, there was no marking. At all. 

**I think it was accidentally our fault it broke. We were later told the AC freezes if you turn it below 72 and we turned it below 72 to try to cool the place down. Sowwy. If it was us, obviously I’m sorry, but I am pretty sure it was already frozen because when we came in, the indicator was already at below 70 and the read on the temperature was 82. It coulda been us…but it coulda been broke already. Sorry either way!!

***And the fact that we were in the well air-conditioned guesthouse that night.


I did kill this bug before everyone got there, though, so I feel like it’s even?

Zack and I got our pick of beds in the guest house, and just plopped down on the one right in the front room. It ended up being surprisingly comfortable, so I felt very lucky for that*. We then made the makeshift “ROBPARTY” sign (pictured above) to stick out by the road and help direct the rest of the guests, and then walked down the rickety steps toward the water to get a sense of our pathway down there. When I say “rickety steps,” I mean (cover your eyes, mom and dad) there were a few wooden boards that had to be “balanced out” by large rocks so that you wouldn’t just step on one side and go flying off. Not the most advanced system I’d ever seen**, but I braved it a few times nonetheless. Zack and I rocked out a quick game of Sequence, and then other guests finally began to arrive and join us in the main room.

*We totally lucked out on room choice.

**I would have certainly paid for a better entry to the water if I lived there, but it got the job done.

The first wave of guests was Heath and Kelsey, Melissa and Tiffany. We played two on two air hockey with two pucks, threw rocks at a buoy in the lake and looked at turtles popping in and out of the waves. The more people arrived, the more fun the party became. Soon there were 15 of us partying with burgers grilling and the beer and good times flowing. I used what was left of my soberness to cook up some brussels sprouts and butternut squash for Caitlin and then we got to celebrating.


We ended our night ended with a rousing game of shoulders. In surely what is the highlight of my athletic life, I managed to “win” the first round by getting us all the way to 21. I don’t know that one can win in shoulders, but everyone did cheer and congratulate when she successfully completed the 21st action of the group*. We played a ton of games, got all kinds of drunk and ate birthday cake and Bro even did his thing (vines below.) It was a total blast, and then we all passed out in preparation for day two.

*Zack is jealous because he was the first one who COULD have gotten us to 21 but he messed up by actually shouting the number “21!!” which causes you to lose. Tough break, bud.

Come back tomorrow to read about why we had to leave early for an emergency…


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