Friday Rag & Bone – Issue #11

20 Jun


This week, I was suddenly and graciously moved into a special rotation at work, Zack’s work tools went down, and we were all over the place and not able to internet like we normally do. And yet, I feel confident that this is one of our best Rag & Bone issues so far. Go figure. And this is my new favorite picture ever. If I’d seen this before our halloween costume, I would have insisted on bringing a cake and finding a bush.


Here in Austin, when parents play dress-up with their little girls, they do it with a feminist twist. Photographer Jaime Moore took a bunch of photos of her daughter dressed as famous women in history. Too damn cool. So bad ass. I love the message it sends.


There’s been this really important basketball thing happening this week (hehe just kidding I know it’s the world series (hehe just kidding again!)) I’m posting my comment before we know the winner, but I hope it’s these helpful dudes above. I’m not always proud of being from S.A. but I’ll say Go Spurs Go any day that it means the Heat loooose. Now fingers crossed… Oof. I just watched the Heat win game 7 while Caitlin slept. Make it stop. Kind of hard for the Bulls to make the finals with the Heat there every single year. 

This season of Mad Men has made me loathe Don Draper, but this is probably the best thing he’s done so far


We all love a good Disney movie now and then (as evidenced by Zack and my watching of the Lion King over the weekend), but sometimes if you really look at what’s going on, it’s a bit … unsavory. This article went ahead and defined why some of these films might make you a bit uncomfortable. Happily ever after!


I had so much trouble picking just one of these photos of people totally fucking up their dogs for the sake of their fandom/weirdness, but this one was the winner because LOOK AT “OSCAR THE GROUCH” DOG IN THE CAN. LOOK AT  HIM. Hahahah I totally missed Oscar on first glance. Still, I feel bad for the dogs. That’s cruel.

I am usually totally against Crocs, but my god. This is just the cutest thing and I only wish the best for this pup-pup. Now this is what people should be spending their time doing if they’re gonna “mess” with dogs. 

We end on a sweet and somber note, with Stephen Colbert giving a tribute to his mom, who passed away last week. It’s a heartfelt moment and answered the question in my mind of, would there ever be a situation where Stephen would really be Stephen on the Report. This is it. This is all him. As someone who lost their mom, it brought a tear to my eye. I only wish mine could have lived to her 90s like she did. 


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