Attempt #1 at Qui: WuWu Sushi

24 Jun

wuwulogoOne nice aspect of E. Austin getting more and more popular is the trendy new restaurants popping up all over our neighborhood within biking distance. I’ve been longing to go to WuWu Sushi ever since their soft open over SXSW, but my curiosity is nothing compared to my borderline obsession with trying Qui*. So when we biked past Qui and saw no line at 8 pm on a Saturday, I insisted we try to get a table. I honestly don’t know where they were hiding everyone, unless they were all at the bar, but apparently there was a three hour wait***. Attempt #1 failed, but they did give us a $20 gift card just for stopping by****, so we biked on to WuWu.

*Some would argue, full-blown obsession.**

**It’s me. I would argue that.

***This further plays into my preconceived notion that this restaurant might end up being the most pretentious of all time.

****This makes me fear the prices.


We took 6th further west, turned right by our favorite bar, The Brixton, cut through an alley and found ourselves parking our bikes right behind the restaurant. We walked right in and were seated immediately in a dark booth. Caitlin ordered a fancy cocktail* and we split edamame while we decided on our rolls. Caitlin raved about her drink and the edamame was as salty and delicious as edamame always is. I opted for the two rolls the waiter recommended, while Caitlin had the Happy Buddha**. I loved every bite and the two rolls were more than enough. I’d definitely come back here, especially while Qui continues to have a three hour wait.

*A delicious peach-and-sweet-tea-vodka situaish. Next time, I’m trying their kiwi margarita!

**It was totally fantastic. A vegetarian roll with tofu, cucumber, and a pinch of avocado. 


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